peajournal - Showing Off Soul Flower's Peacock Pride

With their stunning, bright coloration, and love for the limelight, peacocks have earned themselves a fame they’ve worked hard for. Different cultures view the peacock differently, but overall the regal bird is a symbol for soul mates, beauty, and mysticism. In Buddhism, the peacock’s fan of “eyes” symbolize wisdom, and openness because of their widespread tail. While in Christianity, the peacock goes hand-in-hand with immortality, since they’re believed to ingest poisonous plants with no ill effects. And, to top it all off, peacocks are India’s sacred National Bird.

On the negative side, peacocks have their pride and vanity, but, hey, we all need to strut our stuff sometimes!

So perhaps it’s not too curious that we’ve filled Soul Flower with an insane amount of them! However, since peacocks aren’t one for being hidden away in a warehouse, we figured we ought to give them a chance to do what they do best:


This long sleeve, swoop-neck tee comes in charcoal, ocean or electric, and each color knows how to grab a compliment. The design isn’t limited to only the front, which means this peacock is strutting its feathers no matter which way you turn! And if you prefer short sleeves, we have just the thing for you, too! Our Birds of a Feather Tee definitely shows off the regal, spiritual side of our feathered friend.

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Sanganeer Circle Tapestry 

But when a girl really, really, wants to show off, there’s nothing quite like a cute peacock dress! Fortunately, we have more than one to choose from, and for representing the same symbol; these two dresses are very different from each other. What they do have in common is a flirtatious charm that’s hard to ignore.

Our most popular peacock picks here at Soul Flower would have to be our accessories. The regal peacock earrings and hairclip both know how to wow a crowd; they’re definite show stoppers! Their skill for inspiring adoration is probably due to the fact that they truly are peacock feathers!

We here at Soul Flower figure we mind as well take a blatant hint from our friend, the peacock, and start adding some extra flirty color and pizzazz to our summer – at least it wouldn’t hurt their peacock pride if we did. 😉

peacok - Showing Off Soul Flower's Peacock Pride
Our Latest Birds of a Feather Messenger Bag


In fact, Soul Flower has another pretty peacock coming SOON!! So be on the lookout! Little hint: It wraps around your neck. Oh, the mystery! 😉

Have you donned any of these feathery fashions, or are you hoping to? Feel free to tell us about it, we love hearing from you!

Love & Happiness,
Jacqueline Lee

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