Mexico, could I be more in love? You’ve given me an opportunity to escape the not-so-warm Minnesota weather, and instead enjoy constant sunshine and 85 degree days, with a delicious drink in hand, and my best friend at my side.

While there, I pretty much lived in my swimsuit. I’m all about chilling on the beach with a good book, swimming as much as possible, and going on a good adventure here and there. The one thing I packed that worked for practically everything I did was my Awaking Mini Dress from Soul Flower.

Think this is about the best beach cover-up I’ve ever owned. Not only is it my favorite, uplifting shade of aqua, but it is also made of organic cotton right here in the USA. The amazing hand-drawn totem design was also screen printed right at the Soul Flower warehouse!
Vacation is the time to wear everything you’ve really been dying to wear, while at the same time staying comfy and practical when need be. I personally like to come up with ways an outfit can function more than once on my vaca, because I am not the kind of girl who likes to pack a whole bunch – one small bag for me! And that’s exactly why I loved this Awakening Mini Dress so much. Not only did I rock it as a cover-up at the beach,  I also wore it on my flights. I simply paired it with Soul Flower’s equally comfortable Moon Phase Leggings, a plain gray hoody to stay warm in the all the AC, and my aqua moccasins (see, I’ve got a thing for them aqua blues, they remind me of pure happiness & the ocean’s vast beauty.). Well, this wound up being the most comfy flight outfit of m’life! Nothing was digging into me or bunching up awkwardly, I was just blissed out and ready to chill. In other words, I was already on vacation before the plane even took off. 

There’s always that one vacation that stands out as being that epic fashion experience, where you know you packed all the right things for every adventure you went on, and somehow these well-chosen outfits managed to make your vacation even better. That’s kind of how this vacation was for me. Not only that, but I also got engaged to the man I’ve loved for over five years now, and will continue to….so there’s that. 😉

Leave it to the world at large to remind you how remarkable life can be!


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