While we already use low-impact dyes on all our screen printed garments (meaning they are free from heavy metals and chemical mordants and use less energy/water), we wanted to find an even more environmentally friendly printing process. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to dirt dye! 

soil 1 - Soul Flower Introduces New Dirt Dye!

In this new, totally green (or should I say brown?) printing process we take rich soil from the earth, and run it through the printing screens just like we would with any other dye. Now you can get all your favorite designs with a totally new eco-friendly twist! Expect to see these online soon, buds!

dirty tshrit - Soul Flower Introduces New Dirt Dye!


April fools! 

What isn’t a joke, however, is that we truly do go to great lengths to make sure that all our processes here, from shipping to printing, are as environmentally friendly as they can be. Happy April, buds!



ajax loader - Soul Flower Introduces New Dirt Dye!

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