This Spring Soul Flower has quite a few pieces that were inspired by and created from tapestries. And we are in L.O.V.E! Tapestries have some of the most amazing prints out there, and to see them transform into a wearable work of art is pretty amazing!
shiva+tapestry+maxi+dress - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Shiva Tapestry Dress
tapestry+dress - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Has a beautiful elephant print!
Utopia Tapestry Pants
BSD013 lg - Tapestries You Can Wear!Blog Image
Or you could just go with the Be Striped Tree Tapestry to decorate your home! 🙂
rani+tapestry+harem+pants - Tapestries You Can Wear!Blog Image
Rani Harem Pants
elephant+harem+pants - Tapestries You Can Wear!Blog Image
Great vine & elephant print!

Which tapestry outfit would you like to rock the most?  🙂

❤ JacQ

ajax loader 2x - Tapestries You Can Wear!

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