It’s fun to imagine famous people, like Tom Petty, wandering the pages of Soul Flower. What would they buy? Most of the time it isn’t that out there to imagine what their picks would be, just glancing at a few photos of someone, like the rockin’ Tom Petty, can tell me what they would probably want to buy and,who knows, maybe they will. Tom Petty are you out there?? 😉 

Ha…right right, JacQ, Petty reads this blog each night before he goes to sleep.

HEY, you never know, buds! There’s no shame in runnin’ down a dream. 😉

Anyways, here’s what I imagine Tom Petty would dig:


Tom Petty Inspired Style by jackyleev featuring Threads for Men


He’s all about those crew neck T-shirts, collared long sleeve shirts and Southwestern prints…simple ‘n’ badass is his rock ‘n’ roll.

So, Mr. Tom Petty, feel free to call Soul Flower and place your order. Ask for Jacqui! 😉



ajax loader 2x - Tom Petty Inspired Style

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