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The Tree of Life hemp necklace is already a much loved accessory for Autumn. The earth-tone beads are ideal for this season. If you look around Mama Earth right now, you will see the exact same hues! Very scenic, Soul-Flower!

The pendant is of medium thickness, not too thin & not too bulky. The circle around the tree almost has the appearance of twisted rope. It’s wicked cool and very dimensional! Deeper lines start on the trunk of the tree and extend up the branches. Five polished beads are lined up on each side of the pendant. The beads have a little spotted color to them, giving them a neat-o variegated appearance. The necklace itself is also not too thin, or thick, and likely to endure. It is also not too scratchy, which some hemp necklaces like to be. Luckily, one size fits all, and it is completely apropos for both gals and guys. It might even be 100% kosher, so all of our bases should be covered here. 🙂 All buds can enjoy this one!

I sure am gleeful and chipper to own this one, so order one today for yourself, or as a gift to someone else you want to see get chirpy! High-fives, Soul-Flower…this one ROCKS!


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  1. sheila
    October 23, 2010 at 2:08 pm (13 years ago)

    great review!


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