Have you seen our latest catalog? Publishing these catalogs is so exciting for us here at Soul Flower! We only publish two per year, so tons of time, effort, and creativity goes into each and every page. And this one is awesome.

Blog Image final fw12 front cover - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

Now, I won’t go spoiling the fun by showing off every single page. I just want to talk about that cover!

The inspiration for our Fall/Winter 2012 catalog cover was simple: that photo.

Our photographer Jenn took this shot during a photoshoot in Minneapolis. Our bud Maddie is the model, and she’s making her way down a green-filled path on the way to the next location. It wasn’t planned: Jenn just happened to look up and capture Maddie at that perfect moment!

Blog Image soul flower photoshoot - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover Blog Image cover outtake - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

With luck on our side, the rest of the catalog came together smoothly. Having Maddie picked out for the cover –giving off good vibes!– really helped us put extra love into every page. It’s amazing when things just come together like that!

Blog Image soulflower catalog - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

The photo is set, now what about a title? We needed something fun, funky, carefree, and totally Soul Flower. It might sound crazy, but the style of writing (or font) really affects the entire mood! (Check out this infographic for a taste of the science behind typefaces)

Blog Image lettering process - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

I took inspiration from the design I drew up awhile back when we printed some little Blog Image “let your soul flower” tattoos.

Blog Image let your soul flower - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

Brainstormed with a bunch of doodles…does it remind you of your old school notebook? Writing “I heart Bobby!!” and “Mrs. Brad Pitt” all over the pages? 🙂

Blog Image doodles in notebook - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

And eventually landed on this:

Blog Image soul flower title - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

Whew! I know, it seems like quite the process. The whole catalog is a labor of love for us, and we are giddy with excitement to know what you think! Drop us a line, a comment, a note– and let us know your thoughts.

So now, when you get your catalog and see the cover, you’ll know the story!

We hope it reminds you to keep your eyes open for those special moments. When you’re taking pictures of your kids or your loved ones, look up when they’re not expecting it and capture that instant of pure, honest real-ness. The best and most beautiful things are all around us, if we just look, listen, and recognize.

Remember to let your soul flower,
~Your buds

ajax loader 2x - Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

1 Comment on Unexpected Awesomeness: Our Catalog Cover

  1. Lisa Roberson
    October 5, 2012 at 5:34 pm (11 years ago)

    I absolutely love the synchronicity that happened to bring the cover to life – that is awesome. It’s wonderful when things come together like that!

    And I totally dig those tattoos!


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