Every winter on the North Shore of Oahu the Hawaiian Island waves come alive after their summer slumber. From October through March giant swells pound across the pacific from storms near Alaska and Russia.  These swells travel, and hit the North Shore with all the fury Mother Nature can deliver.  During this time the normally sleepy town of Haleiwa and the surrounding neighborhoods are flooded with the traveling surf industry.  Professional surfers, photographers, and general surf entourage doubles the North Shore population.  This is one my favorite times of the year to visit this part of the island.

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The Pipemaster’s surfing event is a must see surfing contest at the world famous surf spot Bonazi Pipeline at Ehukai Beach.  The large swells produce hollow tubes in the waves that the fearless surfers charge and ride.  It’s an awe-inspiring event. Watching the surfers ride these beautiful turquoise waves is like watching the professional ballet. They glide on the waves with such grace and precision – it’s a beautiful sport to watch.  To me it’s the perfect balance between man and Nature.

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“Life is like the ocean.  It can be calm or still, rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.”-Unknown

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