We are continuing our introductions to our newest karma krewe team – our krewe is a group of soul flower customers who help us spread the soul flower vibe at festivals, concerts, events & online – meet our latest member, Cindy, author of Zach Aboard (two kids. a boat. a life afloat.)
Hi I’m Cindy. I live aboard a 44-foot catamaran on the Chesapeake Bay with my patient husband, my adventurous 6 year old son, and my sweet 4 month old daughter. This is the second boat we’ve lived on, the first one pre-kids was smaller and we traveled on it with our salty mutt down to the islands back in 2001-2002. Before becoming a homeschooling mama, I was a producer and director for various fluffy cable TV shows. Now we’re a TV-free household and I still do some script writing and magazine writing from home. I love sailing, exploring with my kids, taking pictures, and traveling.

Favorite bird: Lyrebird

Favorite color: all of them swirled together, the crazier the better!

Favorite shoes: shoes? what shoes?

Favorite Vacation EVER: A close tie between 2 months of sailing around Cuba & 3 weeks in Bali, Indonesia where I got married

Favorite live show EVER: Keali’i Reichel (i <3 hula)

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