Elephants are a symbol of great strength, gentleness and knowledge. They are among the most intelligent of creatures on our planet. At Soul Flower, we often look at elephants as a source of inspiration in our designs, our artwork and for the gifts we carry in our online shop. This elephant theme runs throughout our clothing and jewelry line. Take a look at some clothing and gifts elephant lovers will dig – and that remind them stay STRONG and KIND always.

Gifts Elephant Lovers Will Love

1. Midnight Funky Romper.

2. Treasure Trunk Earrings.

Gifts for Elephant Lovers

3. Twisted Trunk Yoga Tank Top.

Cool Gifts for Elephant Lovers

4. Elephant Print Shorts.

Cool Gifts for Elephant Lovers

5. Men’s Painted Elephant Tee.

Cool Gifts For Elephant Lovers

6. Recycled Elephant Clutch.

Cool Gifts for Elephant Lovers

7. Lucky Elephant Stud Earrings.

Bonus: Pair with matching Elephant Parade Necklace!

8. Elephant Print Clutch

9. Painted Elephant Tank Top.

Cool Gifts for Elephant Lovers

10. Painted Elephant Ebb & Flow.

Bonus: Pair with Elephant Boho Wrap Skirt!

11. Chakra Mala Bead Bracelet with Elephant Charm.

Face it, we love elephants! And if you are a fellow elephant lover, we hope you find an eco-friendly gift to love at Soul Flower. 

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