Don’t let the cold get you down! Between the shorter days, colder temps, and lack of sunshine (aka vitamin D!), getting sick during the winter is all too common. Warm up and ward off illness with these 5 elixirs, proven to keep you healthy and happy! 

Vegan Noodle Soup

All of the wonderful warming, healing properties of Chicken Noodle Soup, but cruelty-free, this vegan noodle soup is easy to make, and will make your kitchen smell amazing.

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Turmeric Hot Toddy

With soul-warming brandy (or bourbon), immunity-boosting turmeric paste, soothing honey & lemon, and spicy cinnamon, cloves & star anise, this twist on a traditional winter drink is like a blanket that warms you inside out.

hot toddy - 5 Elixirs to Keep You Healthy This Winter

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

The ACV in this beverage is great for your digestion, plus it balances your body’s pH and blood sugar. The lemon and honey balance each other out with a bit of sweet + sour with tons of vitamins and immune-boosting properties! The ginger is also great for digestion while the cayenne pepper acts as an anti-inflammatory while detoxing the body.

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Essential Oils

We recommend Thieves oil to support your immune system during cold weather months along with Spearmint and Eucalyptus oils as a decongestant and cough suppressant. Diffuse these oils in a diffuser or mix them with an organic base oil (like coconut or almond oil) and rub on the bottoms of your feet, insides of wrists, or chest for aromatherapy relief.

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Green Juice

Fresh veggies give this juice energizing powers. Because it has tons of minerals and vitamins, it’s the perfect way to kick-start your day! Contains: celery, cukes, green apples, limes, nettles, spinach and parsley. Fresh & simple!

green juice - 5 Elixirs to Keep You Healthy This Winter

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