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Oh, Thank You Dear Knights

When you’re growing up there are always people telling you that life is hard, whether its your parents, your sixth grade English teacher, or your best friend. You respond with a casual roll of the eyes and thoughtless response like “Ugh, I know!” You swear to yourself that you will be prepared and have your life together. It’s so easy, right? And it isn’t until you find yourself twelve years later looking back and laughing at yourself for how naïve you were. (more…)

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Home Voyage

It was a bittersweet goodbye at I drove away from the Colorado Mountains and traveled the twenty-two thousand miles back to the east coast. It was a long, tiring drive full of sleepless nights, deep-dish pizza, and endless caffeine consumption. But before we reached the flat roads of South Dakota we were lucky enough to spend a few nights at Yellowstone National Park…and let me tell you, Yellowstone was a whole new world. (more…)

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Indoor Plumbing for the Gold!

Greetings Everyone! So last time you heard from me I had been living out of my car in Colorado. Ruby and I were doing great. We had a routine and a system down, and I was enjoying the nomadic lifestyle. The past few months have definitely taught me how to appreciate the little things and that life can change within a second, and that is exactly what happened to me. (more…)

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Bilbo Baggins Style – Car Livin’

It’s interesting to think about the historical timeline of opportunities. Past generations might not have even had the chance to go to college. Back then seeing a female doctor made people’s jaw drop and head spin. Many people did not know what they could be capable of; they lacked opportunity. (more…)

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