It’s super important to us that all our items are made with integrity, honesty, and a bit of creative flair. That’s why we work with a fair trade manufacturer from Nepal. These Nepalese artisans are awesome at what they do and provide you with these fair trade threads.

Tie-Day-FB1 (1)


tiedye 1 tiedye2Each item is dyed with low impact dyes, meaning that they are free of heavy metals and chemical mordants found in most conventional dyes.


Low-impact dyes also require less energy and water than conventional dyes. The minimal amounts of water that are used are often reused throughout the process as well.


In a world drenched in consumerism, the ways in which we spend our money, really is seen as a vote. A vote for what you support, as well as a vote for more demand. So, next time you make a purchase, think about the ethics behind it, and let your vote align with your values.


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