By now you probably know about the Soul Flower Karma Krewe – our customers who work extra hard to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth in exchange for soul flower goodies. Meet one of our latest newbies, Wendi (or Woo as we know her….). Welcome Woo!

Hiya, buds! My name is Wendi or you can call me Woo. I call Iowa home – except for in the winter when I sneak off to Arizona! Yes! A young snow bird! I currently work in marketing, managing promotional teams for events and trade shows. My background is in apparel merchandising/design and retail management. I’m also an actor, painter and photographer. I dig hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, road trips, live music, and indie films. My passions are the well being of all animals and doing what I can to preserve this beautiful planet. ADOPT FROM POUNDS – SAVE A LIFE! REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE!

My favorite bands right now: Neon Indian and Blackbird Blackbird

Favorite live show ever: Architecture In Helsinki

Favorite Animal: My two chihuahua mixes (Sprout and Willow) and my hamster (Zygote).

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