The Soul Flower Karma Krewe – a cool group of customers who are helping us to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth. We are introducing a whole new krewe for 2011 — here is our latest member, Roy:

Hey, I’m Roy. I live in Canada. I’m a current student in Ontario Canada for Adventure Recreation & Parks and finishing this spring. I generally spend my summers in the rockies & I try spend my time outside hiking/climbing as much as I can. I love to jam on my guitar and catch live shows/festivals. I’m a big fan of organics, good mentality, and good music.

Favorite Band: The Decemberists are my favorite at this moment.

Favorite Tree: the camperdown elm. Being a parks student I love and can identify almost all trees of north am. but this one is just too cool.

Favorite Snack: Tofu Misodari with asparagus. with some yam tempura sushi. come to banff we’ll get some of this!

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