This is Halloween! HALLOWEEN!

We started to party yesterday!
Boogey-down-man! 😉
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Ride ’em Cowboy!
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Who you calling a scaredy cat?
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Soul Flower’s Customer Service is a multitasking octopus!


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Lean Meat!
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Lean meats nemesis… 😉
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Halloween Eye Candy!!
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Happy Halloween!


 What’s your costume going to be this weekend? What was your ultimate costume?
 Trick or Treat!
 Your Soul Flower Buds

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Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick

Is every State Fair in America as captivated by food on a stick as the Midwest?

Blog Image nugget - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
Cheesecake on a Stick & A Heart-Shaped Beer Battered Cheese Nugget!

Foot long corn dogs, buffalo, alligator, cookie dough, cheese and chocolate dipped cheesecake, you name it and you can likely find it on a stick. I haven’t traveled to enough State Fairs to know if this is an American wide pandemic, but honestly, part of me wouldn’t mind if it was.

Blog Image 100 1943 - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
Definitely the only place that could say so 😉

There’s just something about this childlike captivation with food on a stick that captures exactly what I’ve always loved about State Fair.  The demand for everyday foods on a stick is, after all, a childlike desire. It screams “I’m at the fair and I’m going to eat everything I want on a stick! Nothing’s impossible, no food shall go ignored, better yet, if we can deep fry it AND stick it; we shall! WE are at the State Fairs of Fairs!”
forever - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
My State Fair Experience Captured in a Soul Flower T-Shirt 🙂

Blog Image 100 1910 - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
State Fair is our not-so-little playland

This was my first time attending the Minnesota State Fair, and I was pleased to find that it wasn’t all that different from my adored Wisconsin State Fair. I found fewer cheese stands to be still my beating heart, and fewer vendors, but overall the similarities were uncanny.  One thing that seems to be true of both state fairs (and possibly all State Fairs) is the ability for adults to return to their childhood state of mind.

Blog Image 100 1931 - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
Butter. Seriously. People play with butter at State Fair. When’s the last time your mom let you sculpt the butter?

Full-fledged adults wander around wearing paper animal crowns, like it’s their Birthday at Burger King. I didn’t do a headcount, but I’m pretty sure I saw more adults toting silly crowns on their heads than little ones. They were walking about petting baby animals, talking to horses, competitively carving butter, eating dessert on a stick before their dinner on stick, and going on enough twirling, flipping, and dipping rides to shake the brain giggly.

Blog Image 100 1935 - Minnesota State Fair: Happiness on a Stick
I was one of those “adults”

The State Fair seems to be the one place where mass amounts of adults can let loose and simply be kids again. I’m normally a pretty lighthearted girl; I live with a certain amount of Peter Pan mentality, but even I found myself laughing harder than usual at the fair this year. My boyfriend, Johnathan, and I went on my favorite ride, the Tilt-O-Whirl, and we kept scooting our butts left and right in a successful attempt to make the ride spin faster. We were laughing so hard together, my stomach hurt and I pretty much cried!

I mean, part of why State Fair is such a huge success is that we’re simply not willing to lose our childlike innocence. We all need a day of laughter, and a huge mob-like crowd of people doesn’t stop us from getting it!  At least, it sure didn’t stop me! I got my beer battered cheese curds (as every WI girl should), and my chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, and I got the laughter….I definitely got the laughter! 🙂

Did you hit up your State Fair this year? Which state? What did you enjoy most? I’m starting to get curious about other State Fairs now that I tried one newbie. 🙂

Peace & Happiness, Buds!

Jacqueline Lee

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One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

It’s full summer here in the southern U.S., and that means that the long days are hot, sultry, and sticky.  Luckily, I’ve been spending my days whitewater raft guiding and staying cool in the water; but the long days in the sun steering thousands of pounds through technical sections of whitewater leave me sunburned and exhausted.  After a long day in “the office,” I am stoked to peel the wet clothes from my skin and slip on this super soft organic cotton Sun and Surf Eco Sundress and kick back with a cold sangria.

I fell in love with this dress because of two reasons:  the super soft, cool, and comfy cotton for our southern summers, and I admire the beautiful waves decorating the dress.

Since I live this active, wet lifestyle, I am always searching for clothes that feel comfortable when it’s time to dry off; and Soul Flower’s signature soft, organic cotton fits the bill perfectly.  I need a dress that is not binding—that moves and stretches with me and that feels soft against my skin.  I am also searching for something that I can go eat sushi in as well as break out some yoga poses on the bank of a river.  This sundress has been perfect for all of that!

I am a water person and I love being in the water all the time.  I got into whitewater paddling as a way to play in the water, and I stuck with it because the river is a fascinating medium. Becoming involved with rivers has changed my life, so that is what the waves on this dress mean to me—the waves represent the waves that I surf and play on everyday.  I love the clear, fresh flowing water in rivers where as I surf, I can look down and see the carved rocks of the river bed and feel the energy of the wave with my boat.  Also, the fact that this dress is made using organic cotton is important to me because organic cotton does not pollute our waterways.

This sundress is more than a dress too—it also works as a bathing suit cover up.  So, if you are planning to hit the river or the ocean, and you are looking for that soft cover up to drape over sunburned skin that you can then wear into an evening sipping cocktails, eating dinner by candlelight, and/or dancing under the moon until 3am, this sundress is the only one you’ll need to pack.  And since it only weighs a few ounces and folds up really small, no matter how you’re traveling, you can be “travelin’ light.”

Enjoy Summer!

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American Beauty

Soul Flower’s July Collection: American Beauty is rather eclectic and really highlights our affinity towards the unique and the handcrafted. Three things about our latest products have us all excited: many of them are upcycled, most of them are artsy, and all of them are USA made! What we’re offering isn’t just another outfit to wear; these pieces are worthy of respect!

Our new jewelry is truly a work of art! Each piece is handcrafted by our bud, Tamara. Made with polymer clay and acrylic paint, each design is made from a lovingly hand carved stamp. Plus, each one is slightly unique due to the random nature of distressing. For certain, they are one of a kind, which makes them even more want-worthy than usual! Especially our Out on a Limb Necklace – We’ve never seen another necklace quite like it! The colors on both the rings and the necklace are extremely beautiful, and each piece has a tender symbolism that makes them the perfect gift for your loved one.

Upcycling can turn out some amazing results and our latest upcycled clothing is no exception! Once again, all three articles of clothing featured below were handmade with love by Sarah and her team – we’re extremely proud of our new duds! There’s just something about taking what another had no use for and turning it to something worthy of attention. One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure (and no matter how many times you say that line, it’s still far from cliché!). Made out of thrifted mens denim shirts our Mexicali Blues Upcycled Denim Shirt has been given a second chance at having a night (hopefully several!) out on the town. Whereas the adorable My Boyfriend’s Shirt is made from blue striped men’s work shirts, that are transformed into something exclusive and sexy for the ladies. No two have the exact same blue strips, so your Boyfriend’s Shirt will be unlike every other! Then there’s the way stylish Ruffle Skirt, which is made from vintage fabric; what’s especially fun about this one, is that each one comes with a vintage men’s tie for a belt. So there’s a little bit of fun suspense added, wondering what your tie belt is going to look like!

Basically, the bonus of these new Soul Flower pieces is that they represent the USA independence and individuality we cherish so very much! Plus, you can’t complain about the good karma that comes from buying recycled and upcycled goods!

It’s also suiting that with the pride of July 4th we present, with equal enthusiasm, a July collection that’s a true American Beauty, which is why all of July’s newbies are made in the USA. What better way to celebrate Old Glory than by upholding and celebrating the hard working people of our homeland, and, moreover, by honoring the ways in which we can keep our lands healthy through upcycling and pure, good ol’ creativity? We hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and that our latest American Beauties are still setting off fireworks for you! 😉

To American Style! To Independence! Rock On!

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Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

I love a good music festival, buds. Specifically, I am in love with Wanee Music Festival in Live Oak, Florida. If you didn’t make it this year, you have 11 months to check out their website and get yourself ready! You don’t want to miss another one! And, we’ll see you there! Look for the Soulflower Peace & Love tapestry, stop in and hang out!

There really are differences between a good concert and a good festival, and if you are not familiar with either…stop reading this review, locate the closest venue, check out their lineup, and make some plans 🙂 For me personally, the music festival is the way to go. You might spend more initially, but you typically get a few days’ worth of several musicians and sometimes even, a place to camp out. Wanee is put on by the Allman Brothers, one of the founding fathers of jam bands. This year, artists like Stephen Marley, Widespread Panic (PANIC!!!), Robert Plant (I saw half of Led Zeppelin, y’all!), Steve Miller (some people call him a space cowboy!), Keller Williams, Ween, etc…showed up to rock us out. And, boy howdy…did they ever rock us out! The music was insanely good! But, I think that what I loved most about Wanee was simply the vibe.

Blog Image wanee music festival crowd - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper Blog Image wanee music festival stage - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper Blog Image wanee music festival goods - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

Everyone was happy, there were no fights or drama, no one took too much of anything… it was like we were just one big family, probably the Partridges. My husband, Berg, and I camped out along the road to the river, and we saw so many happy hippie people just coasting by on their bikes, faces smiling, and loving the life they live. It was really something to see, buds. I’m still holding on to that happy hippie vibe!

The day Bergman sported his Soulflower ‘Happy Camper’ tee, he was stopped by so many festival friendlies who thought it was Awesome! One vendor kept shouting at us, ‘Hey! It’s the Happy Camper!’ every time we walked by…he thought that shirt was the cat’s pajamas. The days got hot while we were there, so Berg was loving that the tee is constructed of a lightweight material. He didn’t get overheated while wearing it, which is easy to do around here. The color is somewhere in the neighborhood of grayish brown, or if you’re a cup half full kind of person…brownish gray. And, once again, Soulflower honors their commitment to lovin’ Mama Earth by creating this shirt with an organic cotton/recycled PET blend. We’ve seen this tee through several washes now, and there is (as always, happily) no shrinkage to report. The colors are just as vibrant as before, too. All in all, another SCORE! for Team Soulflower…we love this shirt!

So, buds…if you’re a happy camper and you know it, clap your hands and buy this tee!

Play me out, Allman Bros…

Allman Bros ‘Midnight Rider’ by Cam LaBelle on Vimeo

Peace, Love, & Good Tunes, buds!


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Bonnaroo Bound: Festival Packing Tips & Picks

Woohooooo!! Bonnaroo is this weekend! Got your tickets ready and your bags packed?

Packing always seems like it’s going to be so much easier than it is; damn tricky bags and their size limits! But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Considering all the sweet festivals that will be making this summer amazing, we figured we’d help you out with a few Soul Flower picks that are perfect for packing! So, here goes:

You’re going to want to bring a hat to protect yourself from the hot rays of the sun. Better yet, you’ll get to see the bands way better without the sun making you all squinty-eyed. Soul Flower has quite a few hats to choose from, but the Wander Trucker Hat and the Follow Your Bliss Corps Hat are our latest faves!

They’re the kind of accessories that match just about anything, so you won’t have to worry about matching a hat to this or that outfit. One hat and a whole weekend of lookin’ good wear sounds wonderful to us!

The best outfits to pack are wrinkle free, because it really won’t matter what weird ways you choose to pack; you can roll ‘em up, ball ‘em up, and shove ‘em any which way to make room. Either way, these clothes are going to look as good coming out of that crammed suitcase as they would your closet.

Sanya’s Scarf Dress is great since it doesn’t hold wrinkles, whereas, our new Spring Flowers Dress is ideal because the material already has a slightly “crushed and crinkled” appearance.

Definitely don’t forget to bring a bag! You’re going to want one on you at all times. Our newest fave is the Dove Messenger Bag, rain or shine these peaceful birds like to party! This particular bag falls right at the hip and has adjustable straps, but if you’re looking for a different style, we have several bags to choose from! Just be sure it’s large enough to carry water bottles, ponchos, and sunscreen.

But, let’s be honest; camping for any festival isn’t the cleanest affair. We get muddy, sweaty, and all kinds of dirty, which is why we’d recommend our Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfumes. Another plus side to solid perfume is that you won’t have to worry about spillage, and the teeny-tiny things don’t take up any space. Our solid perfumes come in a variety of sensual scents, and every single one of them will save you from the smellies.


Just keep the music funky, right?  😉

And whatever you do: DON’T FORGET TO BE COMFY!! You’re there to make memories and get your groove on! – Nothing will ruin that faster than wearing the wrong thing! It’s hard to throw just a few Soul-Flower picks at ya here, because they’re all so darn comfortable.  But, since we must, our festively comfy picks for packing are: The Native Tank, Men’s Cargo Shorts, Girls Wanna Have Fun Capris, and the Milkshake Maxi Dress.

These picks will definitely keep you happy whether you’re jumping around or lounging around.

Most importantly, for the sake of comfort, avoid getting a wicked burn by slathering on the sunscreen, and be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots and lots of water!


Blog Image brit friends+%25283%2529 - Bonnaroo Bound: Festival Packing Tips & Picks

Overall, buds, our best advice for Bonnaroo, or any other festival, is to get lost in the music, smile too much, take too many pictures, and have the time of your life!

~What’s your favorite Soul Flower item to pack for festivals? We’d love to know!~

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SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

After a long Winter, the hubby and I set out seeking adventure. It sure is hard to return to reality after having a blast at the South By South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas! I love music festivals, but I had never been to anything like SXSW! Music filled the entire city as every bar, bench, sidewalk, & street filled with artists from all over the world! Music was EVERYWHERE! The local Austin acts like Alejandro Escovedo, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, and Toni Price were my favorites. As you journey through Austin, it is impossible not to notice, and be consumed by, the eccentric “bohemian-hipster-meets-the-Southwest” fashion of the city.

Individuality and comfort rule the scene at SXSW, so I was thrilled that I had brought my SXSW Short Skirt from SoulFlower along! SXSW was party after party and endless free music and margaritas! South Congress and 6th Street were buzzing with average joe’s seeking thrills, laid back Austin musicians promoting their music, and celebrities seeking refuge from their fame by rocking attire as unique as the city of Austin itself! I found it ironic that the more unique one dressed, the more they blended in!

We were lucky to have family in Austin to guide us to the secret venues and give us insider information as to the best food and music in the city. Most of the venues we frequented were outdoors, and my SXSW Short Skirt was the perfect item for me to grab and go! Afterall, I didn’t want to waste a moment thinking about my attire when there was so much music to be seen and heard!

The SXSW skirt was comfy and kept me cool in the 80 degree Texas sun. On the cooler days, I rocked the skirt with some black leggings and my sweet new boots that my husband bought me in Austin for my birthday. The SXSW Short Skirt was the centerpiece of my ensemble every day. From Zilker Park, to Barton Springs, to Antone’s and the famous Continental Club, the tiers of brilliant colors in the skirt made me feel as vibrant as the city!

Have I also mentioned that my Not All Who Wander Organic Hoody came in quite handy during the festival as well!? The unpredictable weather of Spring in Austin can make it difficult for festival nomads to dress accordingly. As we were staying with family just outside of the festival zone, we hauled our gear in a backpack everyday & left the house in the early AM, not returning until late at night. It was great to have my hoody just in case the cool temperatures crept in during the evening. My hoody was soft, warm, and crucial during the fireworks show that followed the free Strokes concert in the chilly breezes wafting off of Town Lake at Auditorium Shores!

This was one of our greatest adventures yet, and I can’t wait for Philadelphia to warm up a bit so that I can wear my SXSW Short Skirt again and relive all of our great SXSW Music Festival memories!

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