This season, we’ve found it kind of fun to think outside of the box, wondering up the ways we could wrap a gift using very few materials while still maintaining a sense of mystery. Here’s the awesome giftyness we came up with. For even more ideas, see our more recent blog: Eco Friendly Gift Wrap.

xmasbundle - Eco Gift Wrapping: Without the paper, boxes & bags
Ditch the wrapping paper. Recycled or not, often times using gift wrap isn’t all that necessary. Especially when your gift is colorful and fun all on its own, like the tie-dye bundles we’ve created here.
Ditch the boxes. Unless you have to transport your gifts, boxes aren’t really all that important when it comes to the presentation of a present. Bundling clothing in a cute way and tying it with hemp twine or recycled ribbon can work just as well. Plus, until the item is held up, it’s hard to guess what the gift is: skirt, shirt, snuggie!? Ahh!! A hint of fabric can be just as thrilling as that box covered in a whole roll of packing tape…ya know?
Ditch the bags. If you don’t need a box you likely don’t need a bag. But if you’re transporting presents and want to keep them looking nice, opt for reusable cloth bags instead – it’s just another present!
ecofrindlygiftwrapping - Eco Gift Wrapping: Without the paper, boxes & bags
Think 2 in 1. Look at your gift, not simply as a gift, but as the wrapping. Could you put this and that gift together and make something wowing for your friend? Take the cute little bow on our gifts for example, that awesomeness right there is made from one of our organic tube headbands, tied into a bow using one of our Best Buds Bracelets. WHOA CUTENESS right!?
Think use. Often times a concern we have when buying a gift is, “will they use it?” and this is an important question, none of us want to spend our money on something that is going to be cast off to the side. We want our present to be of use! So it should go with our wrapping. Can they use it? Not only were our little clothing bundles topped with useful boho tube headbands & bracelets, but they were also labeled with unused stickers that the giftee can actually use. If you received a free sticker with your Soul Flower order, feel free to hole punch the corner and tie it to your Soul Flower gift, it’ll help add a fun pop of color your package. OR you could use our free Soul Flower gift tags with artsy messages of peace & love (printable here!). 🙂
fun gift wrapping - Eco Gift Wrapping: Without the paper, boxes & bags
Be unique. Get creative. This technique of thinking outside the box could land your gift as being the most unique, neat and wanted gift at any given party. Would you like that boring, seen-that-been-there gift wrapped box over there, or would you prefer thhhhissss, right here? ^^ 😉
Be remembered. An awesome benefit to being the most unique gift giver is that everyone will remember you and your presents. Better yet, maybe you’ll be remembered as the one who convinced the rest of the fam to ditch the paper, boxes & bags, starting a whole new tradition of wrapping gifts with as little as possible.
soul flower gift wrapping - Eco Gift Wrapping: Without the paper, boxes & bags

Are you doing some creative wrapping this year? We’d love to hear about your eco-friendly ways to wrap and still cut back! 🙂

ajax loader - Eco Gift Wrapping: Without the paper, boxes & bags

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