I have never been much of a winter person. I can get cold on a warm summer’s day, so you can just imagine how I fair during an infamous Minnesotan winter.

As for snow, I enjoy the first few crystal coated mornings, but loath having to attempt a safe drive in it. Overall, as we near winter, I am constantly aware of all the reasons why I wish winter wouldn’t come. But, I know, I know, I should instead focus on all the reasons why I have fond winter memories and acknowledge that I don’t truly hate this chilly season has much as I’ve made out.
So here is why I love winter:
winter+trees - Reasons to Love Winter
 When you go for a walk and those big, fluffy snowflakes slowly fall and cover your hair and eyelashes in the most beautiful way
 How coffee and tea taste of comfort.
How chunky sweaters, scarves and mittens become the best things in the whole wide world!
 Curling up with a big, fluffy blanket & a good book.
Getting the opportunity to spend more quality time with family.
snowmen+and+snow+angels - Reasons to Love Winter
 Snowmen & snow angels and how we’re never too old for ’em.
 The way the light glistens on the snowy ground.
The way knits give you that happiness is homemade kinda feeling.
How turning on the stove becomes a welcome thing, and more cooking & baking ensues.
 The sharing of said baking and cooking!
Rediscovering the ways music can warm you.
cat+loves+snow - Reasons to Love Winter
The way my cat wants to cuddle more.
The occasional boozy weekend warm up with close friends.
Snowball fights (until I start losing and/or get face washed).
Those moments when an amazing neighbor shovels the driveway by surprise.
Watching a dog attempt to run through the snow without putting their paws down.
Learning that gray days aren’t always gloomy.
winter+road+in+the+woods - Reasons to Love Winter
That winter doesn’t last forever…
spring will be back before I know it!

❤ JacQ

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