For our most recent photoshoot, we wanted something funky, eclectic, and a little bit weird. Franconia Sculpture Park in Schafer, MN totally fit the bill. Boasting over 100 unique sculptures on 43 acres of gorgeous prairie, the hardest part was narrowing down which sculptures to feature! Get a taste of the shoot by pressing “play” and scrolling on…

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“Franconia has grown from its first year, in 1996, with a negative $15k budget and no payed staff (for 4 years) to 19 years later as a nationally recognized arts organization with a 550k budget…with a staff of six and serving more than 40 artists per year and with education programs that served over 13,000 people annually.”

– John Hock, Founding Member

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“Franconia is unique in America in that it is the great combination of residency, work and exhibition all at one location.” -Hock

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“The artists work hard and long every day they are in residence. Typically they work 12 hours a day on the sculpture that they are producing.” -Hock

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“All of our events are exciting. Whether it be an iron pour, a Kids Make sculpture class, our rural arts program for under-served youth, or our music in the park concert series. Last year we did a Hey Shakespeare performance of the Tempest for three nights running. The performance used the entire park as the set in stage for the play. It was really exciting.” -Hock

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To plan your own visit to Franconia Sculpture Park, check out their website.

For updates from afar, follow Franconia on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

View the behind the scenes video here. 

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