Are you looking for funny yoga shirts? Here at Soul Flower, we add a little fun and lightheartedness to our designs to keep you smiling and spreading good vibes wherever you go. Check out some of our funny yoga shirts and yoga tanks with sayings – and as always, keep smilin’ buds!

Funny Yoga Shirts
Don’t Hate Meditate


Funny Yoga Shirts
Don’t Hate Meditate


Yoga Tanks with Sayings
Good Vibes Only


Funny Yoga T-Shirts
Love Buddha


Funny Yoga Tanks
Think Hippie Thoughts

Don’t Hate Meditate. All you Need is Love. Good Vibes Only. Think Hippie Thoughts. It is like a whole new mantra for your yoga practice!

And if you feel like you need more funny yoga shirts in your practice, be sure to check out our Soul Flower graphic tops for women and men. We print our tees in the back of our Minnesota warehouse using straight-up man power and phthalate-free inks. Whether it’s organic cotton, recycled fibers, natural fiber clothing, low-impact dyes, made in the USA or fair trade, we carry eco-friendly apparel and products that are made in a positive way and that we can be proud of supporting. We keep our Organic Clothing Brand as positive as we can, and that includes having a sense of humor and fun in creating our products 🙂 Namaste Buds!

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