We are often asked if Soul Flower carries any boho maternity clothes and, although we do not carry items manufactured as maternity clothes, we do have a variety of items that work well for the long months of having your lil’ bud on board. (And just as well after too!) So if you want to maintain those hippie boho vibes throughout your pregnancy, read on to see options for a bohemian maternity dress, a boho maternity skirt and other hippie maternity clothes!
Hippie Maternity Clothes

Boho Maternity Dresses and Skirts

When choosing items to wear during pregnancy it is best to choose clothing that is loose, comfortable and stretchy. Our boho plus size clothing has lots of options! Elastic and fold-over waistbands become your best friend, while flowy and stretchy become a life saving fashion statement. There’s no need to ditch your individual style for boring maternity clothes that just aren’t you. Many items can double as boho maternity clothes – try to look for larger sizes and stretchy fits in your favorite boho styles. Our long, flowy boho skirts with elastic waist bands are perfect for the mama to be! And if you are looking for a boho maternity dress, try this collection.

Boho Maternity Dress: The Hippie Maxi

Each season we bring in funky hippie maxi dresses that are roomy and the perfect boho maternity dress options.

Boho Maternity Dress Hippie Maxi Dress

Boho Maternity Dress: Retro Gathered Dress

Our new gathered dress features a high a-line waist and a roomy bottom – perfect for a growing belly! p.s. pockets too!

Casual Boho Dress

The Soul Flower T-Shirt Dress: Perfect Boho Maternity Dress

A staple in the Soul Flower line, this t-shirt dress has many prints and patterns to choose from – it is extra roomy in the waist and has pockets to boot!

Boho Maternity Dress

Bohemian Maternity Dress: The Autumn Floral Hippie Dress

This gorgeous fall dress (our Autumn Floral Hippie Dress) is a great boho maternity dress – and not, you can wear it for both maternity and after. Very forgiving cut with a cinch waist.

Bohemian Maternity Dress: The Autumn Floral Hippie Dress

Boho Maternity Skirt and Dress: Our Mandala Star Multiwear Skirt

It is a skirt, a dress, even a tunic top for nursing, as a boho maternity dress, it will keep you covered durring pregnancy and after!

Boho Maternity Dress: Mandala Star

More Boho Maternity Clothes: Spandex

The stretchiness of spandex is perfect for pregnancy. All of our yoga pieces all fit low waist, so can be worn below your belly during prenancy, including our super-popular Bell Bottom Leggings. Here is one yoga mama showing off her flow – even at 8 months! – in our Soul Flower pants and tank. Another amazing maternity option from Soul Flower are our organic bralettes and crop tops. Many a mama has claimed these to be life savers throughout their pregnancy and beyond because they double as great sleeping bras and are stretchy and perfect for nursing as well!

Hippie Maternity Clothes Spandex

Hippie Maternity Clothes

Boho Maternity Clothes: Bralettes

Our bralettes and crop tanks are stretchy and roomy – and double as sleep bras. We include detailed measurements to help determine your best fit. If you have further questions about whether a Soul Flower product is maternity-friendly or not, please don’t hesitate to give our customer service a call.

Stretchy Maternity Spandex

Boho Maternity Clothes and Body Products

Beyond boho maternity clothes, we offer natural scents skin care items which are made from certified organic ingredients. These are fantastic gifts for future mamas because they help sooth and moisturize the tummy (and those sore feet!). Plus they come in a variety of relaxing scents.

Boho Maternity Clothes

Boho Bags: Maternity and Not!

And finally, don’t forget the need for a fun and funky (and BIG) boho bag. You’re likely already carrying more necessities around with you than you once did, and keeping them all in one place is super helpful. And once you go big on a big boho bag you won’t go back 🙂Boho Bags & Boho Handbags

And once your little but arrives, a huge congrats from your buds! We love babies around here and recommend soft organic cotton hippie baby clothes! Our onesies, bibs and hats all have super cute designs, positive messages, and the softest materials around – all in our organic baby clothes brand! So if you want your baby to have some hippie vibes too, try our baby hippie clothes and hippie kids clothes.

Hippie Baby Clothes - Hippy Baby Clothing

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4 Comments on Boho Maternity Clothes (for the Boho Mom-To-Be)

  1. Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey
    September 29, 2012 at 4:39 am (7 years ago)

    Sometimes it’s kind of hard to imagine what normal clothes will look like on a mom-to-be in the latter stages of pregnancy. It would be great if you all collected some photos of pregnant women wearing your gear so other women can see what it looks like. 😉

  2. yani matos
    January 26, 2013 at 6:58 pm (7 years ago)

    I agree with Hollie 🙂

  3. Jenny Tevalt
    March 6, 2014 at 12:26 am (6 years ago)

    i agree as well. I am 5 weeks along and all of the maternity clothes i have seen are so boring. I wouldn’t want those drab colors even in the same closet as all my other bright and cheery clothes.

  4. Jenny Tevalt
    March 6, 2014 at 12:27 am (6 years ago)

    i agree as well. I am 5 weeks along and think maternity clothes are so boring and lifeless. I need something uplifting and cute for my belly


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