Before this Instant Karma bag, I shudder to think what transpired daily my dears. From my mouth I uttered “where’s my darn phone?!”, too many times to count.  My friends’ response was always the same “Check your bag!” My response to their response would be “Already looked there!” And their response to my second response would be, “Check again!” Meanwhile, (in complete frustration) I had frantically torn my place apart. Then after having called out search teams in a 200 miles radius, I would decide to look in my bag just one more time. Low and behold there my phone would be, exactly where it had been the whole time, at the bottom on my enormously huge shapeless, compartment-less bag.

soulflowerbag6 - Instant Karma Embroidered Bag = Instant Love
Instant Karma Bag = Instant Love

So, it is due to this daily saga that I finally realized it was time for a new bag, a different kind of bag. One with a more functional inside, a zipped area for odds & ends, a cell phone compartment and a better shaped form so that I don’t have to use x-ray vision to see what’s lurking way, way down in the hidden crevasses! Now, I do far less stuffing, tossing & searching and much more putting, placing & finding. 🙂

Although this could be my sole reason for wanting the Karma bag, with one look you’ll know that its pretties grabbed my attention just as much! With an adorable patterned lining and beautiful embellishments, this canvas bag was made for a gypsy queen! A great look for any day and tons (TONS I say) of roominess when you need it in a cubed kind of way! Why just the other day I put a sweatshirt, a hat, four recycling grocery bags, three books, a wallet, a phone, a makeup bag, sunglasses and still had room for more! Yet to my surprise there was an even bigger, better, more amazing quality to this bag then I had known. The Instant Karma bag is giving back in a big way. A portion of the profits from selling these bags go to organizations like Oceana, Sea Shepherds, Trees for the Future and the Environmental Defense Fund. So, buying this bag is helping to clean up beaches and help animals affected by environmental disasters. Here I thought I’d be elated just for getting a cell phone pouch in a beautiful one of a kind purse!

I am a happy woman, a happy woman with a new bag… a bag that betters the world. Now that’s instant karma!

Just be, Woo


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1 Comment on Instant Karma Embroidered Bag = Instant Love

  1. Leiah Stevermer
    March 20, 2012 at 4:37 pm (12 years ago)

    I got this bag and it rocks!! Last weekend I used it as an overnight bag and fit: a pair of jeans, sweatpants, longsleeve shirt, 2 short sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirt, makeup bag, socks & undies, clutch purse (with wallet, camera, phone), 2 boxes of playing cards, Catchphrase game, box of Girl Scout cookies, apple, banana, and a mini bathroom bag. Yes – there was still room for more! đŸ™‚


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