The Nothing But Nature Belt is nothing but the best! The bright colors are so delightful, it’s by far the prettiest belt I’ve ever had! The hand sewn flowers look like they’ve just been picked from a garden, (a garden in Peru to be exact), then delicately braided together for me to wrap around my waist. How many belts do you have like that? A belt you actually notice and better yet, love looking at?

This got me thinkerin’ about belts. For the most part belts seem to sadly get overlooked in the world of clothing. I mean, I can’t honestly say I’ve had a lot of belt excitement in my past. But why? For starters they are sometimes hidden and this reason alone could cause them to lag in funky/coolness. And yes, they serve a purpose (we need them to function correctly) and function means durability and durability doesn’t always mean good times. But who says function & purpose can’t be fun, colorful and mean good times? NOT SOUL-FLOWER!

Let’s look at some belt bennies (benefits): 

1. Belts just make pants look better… and butts, too! But, it’s not about the butt…it’s about the belt, The Nothing But Nature Belt! 

2. Belts ARE like a piece of jewelry for your jeans…a headband for your waist, a necklace for the navel! The Nothing But Nature Belt stands out in a sea of waist jewelry.

3. Belts are really starting to come into their own these days (partly due to the 1980’s return). So, show’em how it’s done Nothin’ But Nature style! 

So, who says we can’t have a party ON our pants? ((I said on, just to clarify)). 🙂  I say be colorful! Be fun! Be vivacious belts and let’s see where that takes us, shall we? Yes, we shall! I’m on board with this party and another reason I picked this belt was because it’s a great piece of art…walking art. I appreciate the colorful embroidered work, the craftsmanship and the quality of the Peruvian wool. So far, I’m impressed with it’s durability (belts do get a bit of a workout) and the hardware is very sturdy, too! The uniquely shaped buckle is made of heavy duty metal (no flimsy flam here) and has a rustic brass look with a funky carved pattern. Oh! And it has that little extra free floating loop that holds any extra fabric (the extra belt fabric after you’ve buckled) against your pants. Not all belts have that feature, so yay!

The Nothing But Nature Belt proves that belts can be colorful, functional, durable and still party like it’s 1999! You go NBNB! Me likey, me likey… and me likey!

Just let the soul flow, bubs!


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  1. Leiah Stevermer
    February 9, 2012 at 7:19 pm (12 years ago)

    Super cute!


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