Did you know we recycle all #1-7 plastics here at Soul Flower? Well we’re proud to announce, we do!  Sometimes recycling can be trickier than anticipated, but our buds, Chad and Joe, set us up with some nice big barrels to help keep our recyclables organized.  We really do try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible!

Many of us even bring our plastic recyclables from home, since curbside recycling only recycles #1 and #2 plastics. Each Soul Flower employee just needs to be sure that they clean out their plastic containers, because having food left in them only attracts bugs, and automatically demotes them to garbage. So, since it’s more than just warehouse accumulation going into our bins, the #1-7 plastic recycling system has saved a lot more plastic than one would suspect.  Just last week, the guys took three jam- packed 55 gallon bags of plastic to the East Side Coop after work. *High Five, Buds!*

DSC 0086 - Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

 In the U.S. people throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles an HOUR! And plastic takes an awfully long time to decompose; a hundred years or more depending on the plastic. Even though numbers like that can be intimidating, we here at Soul Flower truly believe that every little thing adds up to a bigger, brighter picture – which is why we have our awesome, big ass recycling bins! We’re glad to be doing what we can to cut back on landfill waste!

Gotta save room for the Soul Flowers of this Earth! 

Besides recycling, do any of you do anything creative to upcycle plastic? Any fun project ideas for all our buds out there? ☮

By your bud, Jacqueline Lee

ajax loader 2x - Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

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