Last weekend I left Minneapolis and traveled home for a wedding in Wisconsin; the whole ride there, all I could think about was how I couldn’t wait to wear my new dress from Soul Flower! I picked out the Mudmee Tie-Dye Tube dress with the wedding’s rehearsal dinner in mind; although, honestly, I’ll use any fun event as an excuse to buy Soul Flower! But, the major deciding factor for picking this specific dress was that I can easily dress it up or down, with minimal effort, for numerous future occasions. The other cool thing about the Mudmee Tie-Dye dress is that each one is uniquely hand tie-dyed, so every one is a different blend of colors with a mostly black bodice – no other girl in the world has a dress quite like mine!

So take this dress, a pair of heels, Soul Flower’s elegant Teal Swirl Earrings, my favorite Auric Blends Oil in Egyptian Goddess and POOF! Without a fairy godmother, I was feeling fancy. Even a no effort look still appears stunning, but in a carefree, casual kind of way that allows me to wear this dress whenever I want. Wedding, grocery shopping, going to the park – this dress works!  And I just love that!

tie dye maxi 1 - Soul Flower's Fancy Side

When I was a little girl, I always chose my party dresses with a twirl test. If it didn’t twirl, I didn’t want it. Even though I’m not quite so strict with my dresses today, I did get all excited over wearing the Mudmee Tie-Dye Tube Dress when I realized how much spin it has. The bottom of this dress is super flowy, and looks lovely in the wind or on the dance floor. Luckily, my weekend home was super windy, and out of all the dresses featured here; this one definitely has the most spin!  Important to know if you’re a twirl tester, too!

tie dye maxi 2 - Soul Flower's Fancy Side


So, not all Soul Flower dresses are festival bound. Fancy is totally in their repertoire!

It’s always the versatility of these dresses that absolutely amazes me. These aren’t the kind of dresses you buy, wear once, and keep in the darkness of your closet for years! They are from work to play, day to night kind of dresses 🙂 Some other Soul Flower dresses I wouldn’t hesitate to wear to a wedding are:

All of these Soul Flower dresses are sweet, romantic, and just right for weddings, or whatever! Our bud, Bri, looks cute as candy in her new Milkshake Maxi, and we’re not employing the adorable kitten hoax to make you agree. Bri wore this dress all weekend, and she would have done so with or without a kitten, at least, we’re pretty positive she would have…

Kitten - Soul Flower's Fancy Side

Have a rockin’ time at all your summer celebrations! Don’t forget, we have a Dress Sale going on right now!

Will you be showing off Soul Flower’s fancy side at any special occasions?

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