“Energy flows where intention goes”

Spring is a time of awakening – not only for Mother Earth, but also for ourselves. As the plant life begins to bloom, we too begin to grow tired of our winter skin. It is time for rebirth, for growth.

blog11 - Springtime Intentions

This week, honor transition – acknowledge winter’s lessons and visualize what spring will bring. Meditate on your intention, or the seed of purpose.

Create a sacred space with candles and incense, mala beads, essential oils, healing stones and crystals, books and other items that are meaningful to you. Use a sitting cushion, blankets or yoga mat to prop yourself up in a comfortable position. Turn on some music or enjoy the tranquility of silence. Bring your awareness to your breath.

Arrive here.

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Consider where you are now and picture where you want to be. Contemplate the answers to big questions.

What makes your heart sing? What relationships need extra care? What voids need to be filled? How do you want to show up in the world?

Use these questions as a road map to set your spring intentions, and let it guide your actions as you move through the world.

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Recognize spring – a time of new beginnings – as an opportunity to manifest the best version of yourself.

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