That tipping point between the final days of spring and the very cusp of summer is a magical time full of warmth and growth. Longer days, abundant sunshine, and more greenery with each day suggests that it’s also a time of positive change. 

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Shedding Old Habits

Begin your process of change by taking a moment to compile a list of old habits you’re looking to shed. Thinking about ways in which you can improve your relationship with the earth, those around you, and with yourself are all great places to start.

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Finding New Habits

Next take a look at your list of habits you’re hoping to get rid of and begin to think about ways to replace or improve upon them. Maybe one is using plastic or paper grocery bags and your replacement habit is reusable bags. If your old habit is having a messy kitchen, make your new habit spending an hour each week tidying up. Try to keep your new list reasonable, measurable, and achievable to set yourself up for success.

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Make Changes Stick

  • Commit to a month – Studies have shown that if you’re able to do something new for 30 days, it’s much more likely to turn into a habit!
  • Connect with your buds – If your new list has anything on it that involves being social (i.e. going to yoga class, going on walks, cooking more, etc.) get a friend involved! You can both hold each other accountable.
  • List out the benefits – You’ll be much more likely to stick with something if you know why you’re doing it. If your goal is to grow your own vegetables, for example, make a list detailing why that’s important to you and all the different ways it’s better than buying your produce.


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