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To help get your creative mind going on gift ideas, I asked a couple of buds around the office what their wishlist consists of this season. Above is my “little” winter wishlist.

Gifts such as these would be great for the daydreamer, baker, reader or eco-friendly fashionista in your life. My holiday wishlist consists of:

Head in the Clouds Knit Hat (Code: ART013) since that’s where my head is most the time anyway

Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt in merlot (Code: MAD002) because it’s ubber soft & makes me feel pretty

Triple Totem Organic Scarf (Code: SOL317) the design is just rockin’

Fallen Feather Necklace (Code: DNA014) makes me think of the tattoo on my back

Calm & Cozy Organic Thermals (Code: TFT014) because I’m always cold and wanting to be cozy

-Retro Lookin’ KitchenAid Mixer in robin blue because I live in the kitchen and love to bake

– A kitten to play with my already adorable kittay, Turtle, who’s pictured above (isn’t he too cute!?)

-Record/ CD Player because my boyfriend & I keep thrifting sweet records but can’t play them, yet

-Outdoor Reading Bed because… just look at the thing – it’s heaven!

Coming up next:  My office buds Bri and Joe will be sharing their wishlists with you. I’m curious to see what tops their lists, because Bri’s sure to have some uniquely brilliant wants, and good ol’ Joe will hopefully help inspire me as to what I should get my brother this holiday season…it’s always so hard figuring out what to get the guys!

What’s on your Wishlist this year?

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