Looking for new ways to wear headbands? Our newest top knot headband gives you so much versatility, it is like 7 headbands in 1!! If you take a peek at our Rhythm & Blues Collection and you’ll see we have two of these knotted headbands. We designed this one to be worn in multiple ways. And since creativity runs through our hippie veins, let us show you a few fun ways to rock these babies. Read on for seven creative ways to wear headbands…

7 Ways to Wear Headbands

Ways to Wear Headbands

Wear it like a regular headband, just scrunch it up and push it back for a classier casual look.

Ways to Wear Headbands

You can take the knot in the center and tie it around itself to make a more prominent focal point. Wear with your hair up for a night out! Pair with our wrap dress for a complete look.

Didn’t want to waste water this morning? Stayed in bed too long? Wear it wide and slide the knot to the back of the headband. Just enough pattern to add some excitement to your outfit. This look is great for yoga or any workout too, keeps the sweat off your face!

Feeling a little femme today? Make this headband into a statement bow. Take two hair ties and wrap them around each side of the knot, tucking the knot into the tie so it hides it. Then secure in your hair with bobby-pins!

Scrunched with knot in the top for a wild but put together look. Hair loose or up goes perfectly with this style!

Have an art show or dinner party to attend? Rock those eco vibes with the tied knot to the side and your hair in a sweeping side bun or creative braid. Pair with long earrings!

Another way to rock that crazy bow? Put it front and center and bump your hair. Nobody will miss you today. Lead the crowd, don’t follow the pack! It will bring you Good Vibes Only,

Keeping in simple? Hippie boho style, scrunched and around your hair. Want something a little more creative: tuck your hair into the headband (wrap end up and over headband and pull it through behind the band) and when you take it out later your hair will have natural curls!

Want a little scarf? Tie up knot into flower shape and rock alone or with layers of boho jewelry!

Happy Headband Wearing!

Your Bud, Hannah Lee

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2 Comments on 7 Creative Ways to Wear Headbands

  1. Pasha Zio
    July 25, 2017 at 7:19 pm (3 months ago)

    Would love to see headbands on shorter haired women. Something great about the shortest hair with a headband in it – the juxtaposition is pretty.

    • Soul Flower
      July 28, 2017 at 3:30 pm (3 months ago)

      Great suggestion, we will keep it mind with upcoming photos!


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