Which style of yoga fits your personality best? Take this quiz to find out!
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Your ideal Friday night out with friends involves…

  • Making green smoothies and lounging around (1pt)
  • Singing your heart out at karaoke (2pts)
  • Bowling and pizza (3pts)
  • Getting’ weird on the dance floor (4pts)
  • Meeting at your usual spot (coffee shop, bar, park, music venue, etc) (5pts)

A typical breakfast for me consists of…

  • Whatever I need that day to balance my doshas (1pt)
  • Warm tea, oatmeal or granola with fruit (2pts)
  • Whatever’s in the pantry, I like to mix it up! (3pts)
  • Something that is very energy-dense like a breakfast burrito with kale or avocado toast (4pts)
  • I rarely stray from the usual coffee + bagel (5pts)

Your typical summer outfit looks like…

  • Something light-colored, loose-fitting, and flowy (1pt)
  • A well-worn pair of shorts and my fave t-shirt (2pts)
  • A cute, bright-colored sundress and sandals (3pts)
  • Tie-dye and some cool shades (4pts)
  • Stretchy athletic clothes that move with me (5pts)

Your next vacation is…

  • A weekend at your favorite spa (1pt)
  • A relaxed canoe trip down the river with your closest friends (2pts)
  • A road trip to somewhere completely new (3pts)
  • Two words: Sunshine + Pool (4pts)
  • Packed full of exciting activities like exploring museums or going hiking (5pts)

The qualities you look for in a yoga mat are…

  • Thick, dense, supportive (1pt)
  • Natural fibers, recycled materials, easy to transport (2pts)
  • Bright colors, medium-weight, grippy (3pts)
  • Durable, grounding (4pts)
  • Moisture-wicking, sticky, thin (5pts)

You’re most well-known for…

  • Your calmness, patience, and love of music (1pt)
  • Being a kind and loyal friend (2pts)
  • Your unique interests and spontaneous ideas (3pts)
  • Your physical and mental strength and stamina (4pts)
  • You like having a schedule and being organized (5pts)

Your favorite type of asana (posture) is…

  • Anything supine (laying on your back) (1pt)
  • Seated and grounded poses (2pts)
  • Combinations that flow together seamlessly (3pts)
  • Inversions or balancing poses (4pts)
  • Twists and binds (5pts)


If you got 7-9 Points…

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You’re very in tune with your body and enjoy listening to the nuances within you. Slow movements, comfortable clothes, and lots of props make your practice truly fulfilling. The slower you move and more supported you feel, the more you can travel inwards. You love leaving class feeling that wonderful post savasana bliss.


If you got 10-13 Points…

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When you think of a yoga practice, your mind does not always think of asana (posture), but rather cultivating inner stillness, pranayama (breath), and meditation. You enjoy chanting with yogis around you because you feel that it helps to break down barriers and supports everyone in following their individual destiny. For you, practicing yoga is a way to direct the energies within your body towards inner peace and enlightenment.


If you got 14-18 Points…

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With “Ha” meaning Sun and “tha” meaning moon, Hatha yoga loosely translates to the combination of opposites, balancing out your mind and body. You enjoy practicing basic postures because it allows you to let go of the physical body and feel blissful detachment from your surroundings during class. You also appreciate learning the fine details of holding basic postures so that your body can naturally fall into them. Leaving class feeling long, loose, and relaxed is a priority for you.

If you got 19-21 Points…

yoga style vinyasa outfit - What's your yoga style? (Quiz)Blog Image

Vinyasa is the union of breath and movement. The energy from your breath flows through you like a river and you feel most at home when your asana practice flows too. You’re typically drawn towards a more physical practice and don’t mind pushing the limits of both your body and mind. At the same time, you appreciate slowing things down occasionally, and taking time at the beginning and end of class to meditate.

If you got 22-26 Points…

YOGA STYLE AERIAL OUTFIT - What's your yoga style? (Quiz)Blog Image

You have a healthy sense of adventure and enjoy straying from the norm, which means that Aerial Yoga is the practice for you! Combining the support of a Restorative practice, the athleticism of a Vinyasa practice, and the peaceful stillness of a Kundalini practice, Aerial Yoga is a totally unique combination that will leave you feeling whole, strong, and relaxed.

If you got 27-30 Points…

yoga style hot outfit - What's your yoga style? (Quiz)Blog Image

You love learning where your limits are both physically and mentally, and a Hot Yoga practice helps you do just that. Learning to be comfortable in a sometimes sweltering environment allows you to find peace in other aspects of your life and carry that sense of confidence with you wherever you go. Plus, working up a good sweat during your practice leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to seize the day!

If you got 31-35 Points…

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You’re a creature of habit and you fully embrace that! You don’t mind repetition because it allows you to become acutely aware of your physical body, whether that’s trying the more advanced version of a certain asana (posture), or backing off and taking the more basic option. You enjoy practicing the same sequence regularly because it frees up your mind and helps you to build strength. Plus, nothing is as sweet as a deep savasana after a very physical class!

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  1. Dana Graham
    March 25, 2016 at 11:33 pm (8 years ago)

    Aerial Yoga!! Adventurous and Strong


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