Life can be chaotic, busy, and at times, stressful! Find out how you best unwind after a long day with this What’s Your Zen? quiz!

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Your friends describe you as…

  • energetic (1 pt) 
  • peaceful (2 pts) 
  • playful (3 pts) 
  • creative (4 pts) 
  • outgoing (5 pts) 
  • relaxed (6 pts) 

You feel your best when…

  • You finish a hard workout (1pt) 
  • You relax into savasana (2 pts) 
  • You feel sunshine and a breeze on your face (3 pts) 
  • You create something new (4 pts) 
  • You indulge yourself (5 pts) 
  • You spend some quiet time alone (6 pts) 

Your go-to weekend style can best be described as…

  • active, bright, bold (1pt) 
  • earth tones, natural, simple (2 pts) 
  • trendy, relaxed, basic (3 pts) 
  • unique, eclectic, inspiring (4 pts) 
  • chill, stylish, cool (5 pts) 
  • laid-back, comfy, sweet (6 pts) 

Your favorite genre of music is…

  • upbeat pop (1pt) 
  • relaxing sitar, chimes, and chanting (2 pts) 
  • funky jam band classics (3 pts) 
  • an eclectic mix of local artists (4 pts) 
  • ambient jazz or classical music (5 pts) 
  • chill acoustic (6 pts) 

If you could visit any country, you’d choose…

  • New Zealand (1pt) 
  • Thailand (2 pts) 
  • Guatemala (3 pts) 
  • France (4 pts) 
  • Italy (5 pts) 
  • Iceland (6 pts) 

The mantra that most speaks to you is…

  • Always give 110% (1pt) 
  • Inhale love, exhale gratitude (2 pts) 
  • Adventure is everywhere (3 pts) 
  • Never stop growing (4 pts) 
  • Be kind to yourself (5 pts) 
  • It’s the little things (6 pts) 

What’s Your Zen? Gym Goddess (6-10 pts)

Your zen is bumpin’ tunes, hitting the gym, and getting your sweat on! You feel most relaxed after a great workout and thrive on endorphins!

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What’s Your Zen? Vision Catcher (11-16 pts)

Your zen is practicing mindfulness through asana and pranayama. You use your yoga practice to center yourself and recharge your mind.

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What’s Your Zen? Sunday Stroll (17-21 pts)

You’re an animal-lover at heart! Your zen is taking your pooch for a walk around town. Dogs are a great reminder to stop and smell the flowers – something you need to be reminded of from time to time!

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What’s Your Zen? Creative Flight (22-27 pts)

Your zen is making art and letting your creative juices flow! Spending some time with your paintbrushes and pencils is how you unwind!

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What’s Your Zen? Free Spirit Foodie (28-31 pts)

Taking an evening to entertain friends or indulge in a little wine and (vegan) cheese is how you zen out! You enjoy taking time for some self-care and feel energized after trying new things and spending time with others.

What’s Your Zen? Peace & Popcorn (32-36 pts)

Netflix and chill is your jam! For you, there’s no better way to relax than grabbing some snacks, cozying up on the couch, and watching a couple of your fave films.

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