Looking for inspiration in your daily life or practice? Take our quiz to see what symbolism might help you tap into your inner strength. Then see our suggestions on how to wear your inspiration close to your heart…

What did you get?

Fire up your inner warrior to find the power and confidence you need right now. Let out a roar and let your voice be heard. You’re stronger than you think!

How to wear it: Warrior Ebb & Flow Tank, Jinx Cropped Organic Cotton Leggings, Spiral Wood EarringsEagle Long Sleeve Slouch Top, Mosaic Ring, Sumac Boho Headband



Use the power of your open mind to discover how you can slay the obstacles of each day. Awareness and asking questions will help you find your flow. Make the days count!

How to wear it: Recycled Ebb & Flow Tank, Opalite Pyramid Necklace, Organic Cotton Strappy Bralette, Basic Short Sleeve Slouch Top, Full-Length Organic Cotton Leggings, Sage Smudge Stick



Observe the cycles of the universe and see that new beginnings start all the time. Seek guidance from the strong women in your life. Remember you are divine!

How to wear it: Moon Goddess Ebb & Flow Tank, Vishnu Hoop Earrings, Moon Goddess Organic Cotton Leggings, Lapis Crescent Moon Necklace, Organic Cotton Fitted Crop Tank, Moon Goddess Boho Headband



Surround yourself with good luck charms and protective mantras during your journey, and remember that we all make our own luck. Your future is yours!

How to wear it: Hamsa Ebb & Flow Tank, Smokey Quartz Copper Necklace, Painted Elephant Ebb & Flow Top, Namaste Hemp Bag, Dream Catcher Organic Cotton Leggings, Restorative Turquoise Mala Bead Bracelet



Connect with nature and people who make you feel grounded. Spread your roots deep, and never quit growing. You inspire those around you to blossom!

How to wear it: Treehugger Ebb & Flow Tank, Ammonite Necklace, Peaceful Tree Short Sleeve Slouch Top, Tree of Life Necklace, Between the Pines Boho Headband, Grounding Jasper Mala Bead Necklace



Dive deep within: everything you need is already inside you. Make time for daily introspection. You’ll find your bliss just by listening. You are enough.

How to wear it: Blissful Ebb & Flow Tank, Chakra Necklace, Prairieland Herbs Essential Oils, Namaste Ebb & Flow Top, Cleansing Amethyst Mala Bead Necklace, Take Flight Organic Cotton Leggings



Quiet the noisy chatter with intuitive movement and mindful daydreaming. The best connection happens when you focus on what makes your heart shine!

How to wear it: Sunflower Ebb & Flow Tank, Harmony Spiral Earrings, Om Split Back Organic Tank, Crown Lotus Ring, Sacred Place Scoop Neck T-Shirt, Mandala Boho Headband



Remember, what you wear makes a difference! Just like choosing to wear positive symbolism can inspire your whole day, choosing to wear clothing and accessories that align with your values can make you feel more at ease with the world. Love the planet? Buy organic cotton to reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment. Respect people? Buy fair trade and support workers making a living wage.

To read more about our values here at Soul Flower, and why we only carry products we believe in, check out Our Philosophy.

Thank you for supporting positivity in this world! Let’s all do what we can to release nothin’ but good vibes on our planet, in our communities, in our families, and in our daily lives.

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