Mehndi, Mehndi so good to me…Mehndi, Mehndi it was all I hoped it would be!! Yep, find myself singing a little Mammas and Pappas whenever I wear my mehndi. Along with being particularly songstress on the occasion it’s got me thinking about my childhood, my father (who consequently sang this tune quite often himself) and my old favorite tee.
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When I was a kid my father traveled quite often for his job. Although I was always sad to see him go, I knew he’d be home soon with stories to tell of his adventure. Along with these stories and photos my father would bring us home a postcard like t-shirt that we would (proudly) wear to represent his travels and feel that we too were part of the story. Upon his return from one such trip he brought home a heather blue West Virginia ringer t-shirt. This became THE TEE for an entire summer. I remember it had a super soft lived in feel from all the washing and wearing. I went everywhere in that thing until I wore it out completely and then when it was no longer wearable, parting with it was like losing an old friend. Its funny to talk about clothes that way but have you had that experience? This treasured piece of my past eventually got forgotten until I happened across the mehndi sweatshirt and it’s brought back that past, like finding a little piece of…home.
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The blue in this hoody is a really pretty color and the heathering is full of awesomeness (just like my old tshirt)! I’ve always felt heathering gives a softer look to any clothing and this feels like I’ve had it for years (thanks to the recycled materials). Soul-Flower clothing always seems that way, like something I’ll wear until it disintegrates into the air. Something I’ll always remember enjoying. This mehndi is that for me and I love wearing it when I want to be warm and comfortable…like when I’m painting. Believe it or not I haven’t got paint on it …yet!   
This hoody is made for Soul-Flower right here in the USA using low impact dyes (which puts less dye into the water when washed & uses less water to rinse) and an eco blend of 55% organic cotton and 45% recycled polyester. The uniqueness of this sweatshirt shows in the beautiful mehndi flower designs growing all about. “Mehndi” (the application of henna to the surface of the skin) dates back to twelfth century. The temporary decoration which uses dried ground henna leaves usually lasts one to three weeks, luckily for us these mehndi flowers are for keeps! 
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AND maybe you’re thinkin’ these bloomin’ flowers look familiar. If so, you’d be right! Their roots have spread all over Soul-Flower land, growing and blooming throughout the catalog, blog and website. But just how did these designs come to be? Read about it here.
Well, I’m zipped up and ready to paint the long winter away with scenes of travel and places I hope to one day be… before my mehndi blooms go to seed!
Stay warm buds, Woo


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