First, I’m a purple lover! If it contains even the slightest hint of it, tastes grapey, smells like lilacs, is a tune by the great purple Prince or resembles a big kid lovin’ dinosaur, it’s safe to say imma be like’n it! That was my first pull toward the Astral Skies Patchwork Dress. Purple variations o-plenty going on here! Vivid violet, mild maroon and night sky blue to (nick) name a few and all with a slightly muted pre-wash fade. Gorgeous colors and a nice weight for the cooler months!

The second gotta-have-me was the patchwork! Sewn together with neat-o exposed stitching gives this dress really great texture! I’ve been an admirer of patchwork since the days of my grandmothers hand sewn blankets. Using left over fabric from various projects she would carefully pick just the right collection of pieces to create each blanket. I acquired many of them through the years but every Christmas I looked forward to the next just to see the designs and color pallet she had chosen.

Third, the Astral Skies unique look! I like seeing the variations in each patch and beyond that, knowing every Astral Skies dress out there is doin’ its own thing! The little bleached spots sprinkled throughout this dress remind me of snowflakes and stars. As if I’m looking up while they fall towards me from a pretty purpley patchwork sky.And just as no two snowflakes or stars or grandmothers blankets were ever the same, the Astral Skies dress can claim that too! It’s in these variations, the way each piece is chosen, cut and placed that brings theone of a kindcreation together. How very far out of each Astral Skies Dress to have its own vibe. We all have ours, seems fitting that our clothes should too.

Peace to you all! May your new year be filled with love and kindness.


P.S. I’m looking forward to wearing this soft-n-comfy dress for the holidays! Maybe my nephew can count the snowflakes and stars? At three, I bet he’d be up for that!

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  1. Astral
    February 14, 2012 at 6:09 am (12 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing.


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