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Owls can be found in nearly all parts of the world, living mostly nocturnally and blending in with their surroundings. The symbolism of owls varies widely across cultures and beliefs, but all stem from the owl’s mysterious and hidden nature. Darkness can be good or bad – it all depends on how you look at it!

Choose the owl as your spirit animal when you want to:

  • tap into the power of your mysterious, magical, or spiritual side
  • be guided through a dark chapter of your life
  • connect to the moon or your feminine power associated with the moon
  • uncover hidden truths or wisdom within yourself
  • remind yourself to stay alert by being still, watching, and listening
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Knowledge. Wisdom. Intuition. Secrets. Darkness. Magic. Renewal. Feminine power. Navigating the unknown. Seeing in the darkness. Uncovering the hidden.

Owl-inspired mantras:

  • I am a complex and multi-faceted being and I accept every aspect of my being.
  • I am divinely guided.
  • Both the dark and the light have lessons to teach me.
  • My inner wisdom flows easily when I trust my intuition completely.
  • Before acting, pause to look and listen.

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What is a spirit animal?

Found in different cultures and belief systems, the concept of spirit animals is one that many humans adopt. Often called spirit animals, totems, animal guides, or power animals, these beings act as spiritual companions who aid and guide you along your journey. Find your Spirit Animal.
A spirit animal can become a symbol of a chapter in your life. An animal guide temporarily lends you their energies and attributes when you need them, and you can take on their inspiring traits.

Spirit Healing by Mary Dean Atwood
Hedgewitch Book of Days by Mandy Mitchell
Animal Totems by Jessica Swift
Owl on Wikipedia

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