The best part of owning these Soy Coy pants is feeling like a kid again! Yes, it’s true! Something about wearing a pair of pants under a skirt brought my mind right back to grade school just like the description says. I had to laugh remembering many days gearing up for recess by throwing on a pair of sweats under my skirt. Such an empowering feeling! I’m indestructible! I can do anything and wear a skirt, too! — I could climb any mountain ( or jungle gym), swing from the highest branch (or monkey bar) and play kickball with the best of them all while maintaining a “you go girl” attitude!! All these years later and I still want to do that as much as possible. 🙂

What I love most is that the skirt is a completely separate piece from the pants. Of course, together they are an amazingly dynamic duo but one never knows when an urge to go skirt-less (and sport the nifty nomad pants alone) could in fact happen. I think they are just way cute and ridiculously rad! The fit is extremely body friendly, creating very nice lines and a comfy but flattering fit. The feel is pretty unreal, they are luxuriously soft, move well with the body and nicely constructed.

Checking their genetic makeup, the tag says more then 50% soy material. I didn’t know much about soy in clothing but found that these fibers are stronger then cotton (or wool) and have pretty awesome absorbency and better ventilation then cotton. It’s also light, resists perspiration & wrinkles and dries quickly. Soy has the most lavish appearance among plant fibers (kinda the cashmere of the plant world). The fibers are even said to have antibacterial qualities and to be sunlight/UV resistant. Soy’s may even possess a super power – it’s natural amino acids – which are said to have a positive vibe effect on the wearers skin. Cool, we like vibes, right buds?

So now that we know soy makes these little coys extra strong, cool, dry and health helping, I want to talk about details. Yeah, definitely not coy in that area with all the beautifully detailed stitching throughout.  A slight flare in comfortable pants is always welcome! The ruched pockets on the sides of the pant and skirt add great style. The color is neat-o too! The slate grey sometimes looks more brown and seems to change with whatever I’m wearing – love that! All in all, a whole lotta pzazz!

So, I say go jump on that swing in your soy coys and remember the joy you had as a child, everyday of your life! Everyday a new story begins… look at it with wonder and curiosity.

Big hugs ~ Woo

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