There are so many important causes in the world that it can be hard to know which one to dedicate yourself to! Take this short quiz to find out which cause best suits you for 2017.

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You have the whole weekend free. What do you do?

  • Head to the dog park (1 pt)
  • Swim at the beach (2 pts) 
  • Go to the farmer’s market (3 pts)
  • Bike around town (4 pts)
  • Go on a hike (5 pts)

Your favorite color (from this list) is…

  • Orange (1 pt)
  • Blue (2 pts) 
  • Purple (3 pts)
  • Green (4 pts)
  • Red (5 pts)

Your dream home has…

  • A bunch of pets (1 pt)
  • A natural pond in the backyard (2 pts) 
  • A large garden (3 pts) 
  • Solar panels on the roof (4 pts)
  • A bee habitat (5 pts)

Your favorite subject from school is/was…

  • Biology (1 pt)
  • Geography (2 pts) 
  • Home Ec. (3 pts)
  • Chemistry (4 pts)
  • History (5 pts)

Your favorite shoes are…

  • Vegan (1 pt)
  • Made from recycled plastic (2 pts) 
  • Customized & totally unique (3 pts)
  • Made from upcycled canvas (4 pts)
  • Floral-patterned (5 pts)

You’re best described as…

  • A little bit wild (1 pt)
  • Powerful and strong (2 pts) 
  • Creative (3 pts)
  • Logical and calm (4 pts)
  • Fun-loving (5 pts)

Animals (6-10)

You’re an animal-lover at heart! Whether it’s volunteering at your local shelter, donating to the World Wildlife Fund, or offering to take your elderly neighbor’s dog for walks, helping animals will always have a place in your heart.

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The Ocean (11-15)

Protecting the ocean is one of your biggest eco values! You believe in cleaning up ocean pollution, working to prevent oil spills, and helping marine life any way you can.

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Sustainable Food (16-20)

Food waste and food insecurity are always on your mind. Through advocating for more sustainable diets, and promoting organic/local produce, you will spend 2017 working towards a more eco-friendly (and delicious!) future.

SOL183 - What's Your 2017 Eco Cause?

Alternative Energy (21-25)

You’re all about harnessing the natural/renewable power of the sun, wind, and earth! You’re a huge advocate for using renewable resources efficiently and preserving the beauty of our earth for generations to come.

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Community Gardening (26-30)

You love gardening and you love bringing your community together! Implementing or volunteering at a community garden is right up your alley!

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