The cool thing about sacred geometry is the shapes’ ability to be repeated and remixed. The hexagram, or a 6-pointed star, is a common shape used in many religions and cultures around the world. It’s made from 2 opposite triangles which represent the masculine and feminine, earth and sky, interlocking in perfect harmony. Complex geometric forms are said to be even more powerful than simpler ones, as their numerous intersecting points resonate higher energies. The hexagram reminds us of our place in the world, halfway between earth and sky, and at the epicenter of our own personal power. Read on to find out more about the hexagram meaning.

Hexagram Meaning

hexagram - Hexagrams Meaning - Sacred Geometry

  • 2 interlocking triangles represent masculine and feminine, earth and sky, interlocking in perfect harmony
  • as above, so below
  • symbolizes humans’ position between earth and the cosmos
  • overlapping hexagrams results in numerous intersecting points that resonate higher energies than simpler shapes

Hexagram Design

We call our design “Sacred Symmetry” or “Geometric Star”, but at its core, it’s a 6-pointed star made from the two simple triangles overlapping. We love how pleasing the symmetry is!

sacred geometry clothing hexagrams - Hexagrams Meaning - Sacred Geometry

Some may identify this design as a Sri Yantra, but sri yantras specifically have 9 overlapping triangles, while Sacred Symmetry only has 6.

What is Sacred Geometry?

For an introduction, check out our first post.
Sacred Geometry are geometric shapes that have deep metaphysical meaning behind them. Besides being beautiful, they often have interesting mathematical properties and loads of history and symbolism. These geometric designs have been used by humans since ancient times in art, decor, and in religious and spiritual contexts. The new age movement has renewed interest in these elegant and cool-looking shapes, and people are using them to explore the self and their place in the universe.
Further reading and sources:
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