The Platonic Solids are a series of 5 unique shapes; the only perfectly symmetrical 3-dimension forms possible. Each of the Platonic Solids is associated with one of the elements. These 5 symmetrical 3-dimensional shapes are named after philosopher Plato, who hypothesized that these 5 shapes are so elegant and essential that they must make up our entire universe.  The idea of reducing the material world to a few simple “building blocks” still resonates today. The Platonic Solids, along with other sacred geometry, help us explore the idea of how the part is related to the whole; and how we as individuals fit in to the bigger picture of the universe.

Platonic Solids Meaning

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Platonic Solids Design

How cute is this geometric succulent design?! This design was inspired by those cool geometric terrariums for succulents and plants. The Platonic Solids were the perfect shapes to hold the succulents. It’s a fun mix of nature + geometry.

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What is Sacred Geometry?

For an introduction, check out our first post.
Sacred Geometry are geometric shapes that have deep metaphysical meaning behind them. Besides being beautiful, they often have interesting mathematical properties and loads of history and symbolism. These geometric designs have been used by humans since ancient times in art, decor, and in religious and spiritual contexts. The new age movement has renewed interest in these elegant and cool-looking shapes, and people are using them to explore the self and their place in the universe.
Further reading and sources:
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