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What is Sacred Geometry Preview

What is Sacred Geometry?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself drawn to the mystical, celestial-looking, line drawings popping up all over the place lately. These vaguely tribal, often symmetric designs are usually rooted in sacred geometry, which has an esoteric history filled with layers of meaning and symbolism. What is this Sacred Geometry? And how does it inspire our designs? Get ready to fall into the rabbit hole…


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2017 03 31 Spring Habbits3 760x570 - Spring Habits

Spring Habits

That tipping point between the final days of spring and the very cusp of summer is a magical time full of warmth and growth. Longer days, abundant sunshine, and more greenery with each day suggests that it’s also a time of positive change.  (more…)

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pdx1 640x430 - PDX Adventures

PDX Adventures

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween weekend! I don’t know about you but I am so happy October is coming to an end. The beginning of the month started out weird for me and nothing too exciting happened, besides watching the weather shift into its rainy season here in Oregon. October was my reflection month, I suppose. I moved here with my partner about a year ago and I’ve been reflecting on all the new memories we’ve created and how far we have come. (more…)

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Cabin Models 0039 1 640x430 - Merkaba Shirt - Sacred Geometry Shirts - Behind the Design

Merkaba Shirt – Sacred Geometry Shirts – Behind the Design

The mysterious Merkaba! I was immediately drawn to this symbol when I first saw it. It reminded me of Egypt, the pyramids and Ancient Aliens (I admit it, I love that show). After doing some research, I realized I wasn’t so far off base. Researching the merkaba inspired me to create the merkaba shirt, one of our cool sacred geometry t-shirts at Soul Flower! (more…)

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ryan 3 640x430 - Behind the Design: Twisted Trunks

Behind the Design: Twisted Trunks

“You know how you scratch away at a lottery ticket to see if you’ve won? That’s what I’m doing when I begin a piece. I’m digging through everything to find something. […] Scratching can look like borrowing or appropriating, but it’s an essential part of creativity. It’s primal, and very private. It’s a way of saying to the gods, ‘Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just wander around in these back hallways…’ and then grabbing that piece of fire and running like hell.”  -Twyla Tharp (more…)

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