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Logging Off

Happy winter everyone! I had my very first white Christmas. We had a few snow storms in the past few weeks leaving snow and ice all over. Big difference from the beach weather, which I am used to. I am loving the seasons changing so much.  (more…)

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Autumn Bliss

Can you feel the crisp, autumn air? The mornings are getting chilly, maybe smells of chimney smoke, and falling leaves? Drinking hot tea to warm the core up. Meals are beginning to change too! Maybe, warmer foods, root veggies and soups!  (more…)

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IMG 9565 640x430 - Mantra & Malas

Mantra & Malas

We made it to Utah! I have to say I am loving it so much so far. It feels so grounding here with all of the red earth around us. I have done a lot of hiking lately with my family and we have seen some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  I also have started teaching at a new studio, which I love so much. I have found my new tribe.  (more…)

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