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cover ann 760x570 - Interview with our Bud Anne!

Interview with our Bud Anne!

We have a lot of amazing customers that interact with us through social media, emails and more! Some of our Buds have been with us for years, others are just finding us now. No matter how you found us, we are thankful you have and we appreciate your support whether you’re a customer or just someone on an eco journey sharing our story because it aligns with yours. Recently we *digitally* met up with our Bud Anne who sent us some amazing shots from a photoshoot she did for us in our patchwork shorts and passport patchwork purse – check out some photos and meet Anne!


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burnell cat 2 640x430 - The Cats of Raven's Wing

The Cats of Raven’s Wing

Sadly, this is my last post as a member of the 2015-16 Vibe Tribe for Soul Flower. It’s been a fun year writing about things near and dear to my heart while wearing “cool threads for kind heads.” Renee (Social Media bud at Soul Flower) has been wonderful with her email reminders and her words of encouragement and her sharing of appreciation from the staff. And it has been fun learning a bit about my fellow Vibe Tribers from their posts. Mara, Melina, Alia, Samantha, Rachel and Liz – thank you. (more…)

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alia guitar 1 640x430 - Making Music

Making Music

She sat on an old wooden stool, smoke weaving around her jet black hair, as her voice captivated the entire room. Just a girl and her guitar, pouring her soul out to the world in a little pub on the island of Bali. She sang with such conviction – passion – understanding. I was mesmerized. (more…)

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dragonfly medicine 3 640x430 - Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly Medicine

It was a beautiful evening on the river. The sun was beginning its colorful descent, birds were soaring above, and stillness infused the space around us. “Look over there,” he said. We noticed two dragonflies dancing above the water, twirling so freely. We sat in silence for a few moments, just taking in their presence. (more…)

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50 Ways to Stay Cool

With all the heat going on here lately, we feel like we’ve become professionals at keeping things cooool! We’ve learned from experience that there’s no need to get your new threads all sweaty – you don’t even need AC!

Blog Image stay+cool - 50 Ways to Stay Cool
Here’s our top 50 ways to beat the heat!
  • Keep a wet cloth in your cooler and place it across the back of your neck
  • Keep your water bottle with you and stay hydrated
  • Have an ice cream or  Popsicle!
  • Eat some ice cubes (share some with your pet!)
  • Place your feet in chilly water
  • On a cool day, plant a tree or two in your yard to have more shade in the future
  • Keep your beverage cold with a Freaker Knit Koozie
  • Run through a sprinkler
  • Make a slip ‘n’ slide in your backyard  
  • Stay in the shade


  • Go to the BEACH!!
  • Put your hair up in a high bun and get it off your neck
  • Chop your hair for a new summer look?
  • Rock a hemp hat and keep the sun off your face
  • Water fight!!
  • Drink more water (Again!)
  • Sit right smack in front of the fan
  • Clip a mini fan onto your hip pack
  • Make Italian Ice
  • Set up a slumber party for your family in the cool part of your house
  • Go to a water park
  • Make homemade shakes
  • Freeze fruit and eat it all chilly – it will taste as yummy as any Popsicle!
  • Run cold water over your wrists for a few seconds to bring down your body temp
  • Take a cold shower or bath
  • Go inside a shop or restaurant with AC to cool off
  • Read a book under a tree while lying on your favorite tapestry
  • Exercise in the early morning or late evening when the sun is no longer at its peak
  • No trees around? Shade your self with a fun umbrella
  • Wear white or light colored clothing, avoid black
  • Keep aloe vera in your frig so it’s nice and chilly when you apply it
  • Wear hemp clothing; hemp provides more UV protection than average cotton
  • Put your towel in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. It will feel awesome wrapped around you
  • Keep your sunscreen in your cooler at the beach
  • Recycle paper by folding it into a fan
  • Flap a Soul Flower catalog in front of your face
  • Exercise in a pool! Lift water weights, walk & swim laps without breaking a sweat
  • Make a variety of homemade beverages such as flavored ice teas and lemonade
  • Add mint, lemon or cucumber to your water for an even cooler taste (yup, water…Again!)
  • Avoid getting sunburn, that prickly hot feeling doesn’t help anyone feel cool


  • Slow down. Real hot days are a time to take it easy; don’t over stress your body.
  • Keep your blinds shut to prevent the sun from heating your house
  • Don’t turn on house lights unless you absolutely have to
  • Place fans near windows to circulate air better
  • Avoid using your oven; make cold sandwiches and salads instead
  • Don’t layer your clothing
  • Heck, wear only your swimsuit all day if you can (but don’t forget SUNSCREEN!)
  • Have a party or movie a-thon in your basement
  • Play games in the pool all day like volleyball and badminton
  • Wear sandals to avoid overheating your feet
How have you been staying cool?

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Mudmee Tie-Dye Skirt

Hey there Buds! I LOVE my Mudmee Tie-Dye Bell Skirt! It is soft and comfortable and the brilliant colors make it a staple piece that you can dress up for a night out on the town, or dress down for fun Spring outdoor activities. I’m a bohemian girl at heart, but I do have a 9 to 5 which normally locks me into (UGH!) business casual!!! This skirt allows me to express my creative side at work because it looks great with a black blazer for those days when I need to dress it up. After work, I can ditch the blazer and head out with friends to outdoor Spring concerts in the park.

This skirt is perfect for the ever-changing Spring weather because you can easily wear it with clogs or boots, or just throw on a pair of flip flops. We experienced both chilly weather and then sunshine & warmer temperatures here in Philadelphia this past weekend, and knowing that I’d be outdoors for most of the weekend, I knew that my Mudmee Tie-Dye Bell Skirt would be perfect. For me, its all about comfort, but having a statement skirt with so many beautiful colors also makes me look like I know a bit about style! We had a great time at the Philly Italian Market Festival and I was happy to show off my Mudmee Tie-Dye Bell Skirt! As you can tell from my pics, I wear this skirt EVERYWHERE!

~Sheila (from the Karma Krewe)

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Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!

In our previous post, you got to meet the Dew Krewe: Chad, Jenn, and Joe! In this post, you’ll get to meet everyone else involved with the Soul Flower company.

Blog Image glue krewe - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!
10am – 6pm
The Glue Krewe is so named because these are the people that hold everything together day in and day out. Daily, the Glue Krewe picks and packs all of your orders! We also keep the warehouse running efficiently by keeping it clean, tidy, and by keeping all the products organized and stocked on the shelves.

We love it when we can keep our members of the Glue Krewe for a long period of time, but we understand that everyone is growing and changing. So the team members of this krewe come and go, but we will always remember everyone who worked here! Currently, we have 2 full-time members of the Glue Krewe, and 1 part-time member.

Let’s meet ’em!

leiah - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!Leiah
My name is Leiah and I grew up in southwestern Minnesota, but now live in Minneapolis with my best friend and boyfriend of 4 years, Rob. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art, and now am working at the U of M as a graphic designer and also working part-time at Soul Flower! I enjoy printmaking, bookmaking, drawing, photography, graphic design, sewing, collage, and collecting. Besides art, I also enjoy pizza, blank journals in book stores, hot tea, shopping, reading, and warm winter mittens.
Your Favorite take-out food: Artichoke Dip from Pizza Luce!
Your Favorite flower: Poppies
Your Favorite shoes: (besides my mukluks from Soul Flower), my Minnetonka moccasins
britt fb - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!Britt
Hello all, I am Brittany, currently the shortest employee here at Soul Flower. At work I take care of all your orders, picking and packing each one, and most likely shipping them out with an original sketch by me. Each night when I leave work I love to go home and make a big Italian dinner, and then eat it of course. I usually burn all those calories by taking walks to shops, hiking, and biking around the lakes here in Minneapolis. I am an avid fisherman, “just like making them late” as Mitch would say. I enjoy taking my pet turtle out in the summer, he likes it too! I love live music and dancing, road tripping is my favorite, but I enjoy watching local artist as well. I love westerns, Tombstone, Unforgiven, Young Guns…you know. That’s it for now.
Favorite Flower: The Tulip, Pretty. Simple.
Favorite Vacation: Road Trips!!! Tie between Miami with my sister, or unknown small town with mom and dad to oldest outdoor movie theater.
Favorite Soul Flower Find: SOL034 Music is Life Eco Hoody.
P.S. I love getting all of the nice notes from our customers in the “gift message” area. Keep them coming!

And that concludes our 4-part Meet the Soul Flower Krewe series! We hope you enjoyed getting to know us and our workplace a little bit better. Soul Flower is a small company devoted to giving you, the customer, the very best!

Peace & Love ♥ Team Soul Flower

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