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outside - #soulflowerbuds Our Buds' Style!

#soulflowerbuds Our Buds’ Style!

Hey Buds, Have we told you lately how cool and awesome you are? Well you are! We see you wearing our Soul Flower threads and want to take a minute to show off YOUR style! So here are a few recent Instagram posts from you, our buds. Keep on posting buds, you can tag us at #soulflowerbuds and if we love what we see, watch for a mention here on our blog.


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GiantPeaceSymbol 760x570 - Were You At Woodstock?

Were You At Woodstock?

Our bud Burnell at Raven’s Wing Studio recently stayed in Woodstock NY and experienced everything from tie-dye, new age shops and bookstores, organic produce, hip restaurants, and a weekend flea market to a guitar expedition and a community drum circle. This is a trip any hippie would appreciate!


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burnell cat 2 640x430 - The Cats of Raven's Wing

The Cats of Raven’s Wing

Sadly, this is my last post as a member of the 2015-16 Vibe Tribe for Soul Flower. It’s been a fun year writing about things near and dear to my heart while wearing “cool threads for kind heads.” Renee (Social Media bud at Soul Flower) has been wonderful with her email reminders and her words of encouragement and her sharing of appreciation from the staff. And it has been fun learning a bit about my fellow Vibe Tribers from their posts. Mara, Melina, Alia, Samantha, Rachel and Liz – thank you. (more…)

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clock 3 640x430 - On Becoming a Time Lord

On Becoming a Time Lord

Time: The seeming progression of moments across experience. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of time, the measurement of time, the notion of the here and now, the idea of infinity. Mostly I prefer to live in the present moment. I feel tuned in, engaged, alive. (more…)

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dumpster 2 640x430 - Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Trash Artists

Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Trash Artists

What is upcycling? Simply put, upcycling is taking something of lessor value (generally unwanted, discarded materials and objects) and altering it in such a way that its value and usefulness is enhanced. Enter the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, a group of trash and found object artists whose motto (penned by founder Neil Benson) is “Trash is simply a failure of imagination.” (more…)

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