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Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash – Repeat

I have been trying, really trying to take some good pics of this shirt. My buds at Soul Flower sent it to me to review, and I had a tidy little write up on my computer, but no photos. The problem? The shirt was constantly in the dirty laundry bin because it’s constantly getting worn! I kept saying to myself, today will be the day. This will be the day I put on the shirt, go out in the winter sun, and take some cool shots. But being a mom of two little ones the reality is more like this… put on the shirt, baby smears food on it, I manage to drool on it while brushing my teeth, my older son leaves a goopy glitter glue filled art project somewhere and I manage to brush against it, and so on. So by the time I have a rare free minute to whip out the camera I am a mess. And so is the shirt. And it goes back in the laundry bin, and it comes out looking awesome again, and we start over.

Blog Image Foereveryoungcol - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat

What’s not to love… it’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET. It’s soft and wears well. Of course the “Forever Young” theme with the kid on the swing is classic and joyful. But my favorite thing? It’s purple! I love purple and this is the perfect purple. It makes me smile and always brightens up my frumpy mommy look. And it hides kid goop. So excuse my photos, I just took a close up as the shirt was drying on the line and a quick camera photo. This shirt is way too busy for the paparazzi.

IMG 6072 - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat
Ha! Back to the Laundry Bin! 

Stay Forever Young!

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Adrienne’s Week of Soul Flower Fashion

Shortly after the new year, our bud, Adrienne, began posting pictures on our Facebook wall of her “Week of Soul Flower.” She spent 7 days wearing Soul Flower gear, old and new, and had us all completely entertained. And, since we had never known Adrienne personally until this week, we just had to ask:

What inspired your week of Soul Flower??
I am a busy stay-at-home wife and mom to 2 boys, so its easy to forget to take time out for myself, especially during the Holidays when my attentions are on the home, family, food, gifts and spending lots of fun time together. This week of playfulness was a small thing I could do just for me. It gave me a fun reason to plan great outfits and look at my clothes in all new combinations. I paired summer things with winter stuff in ways I would have never thought of otherwise. Plus I always love a reason to take my picture (dorky I know) and show off the beautiful area where I live. I had a great time planning cute shots and the fun I had with my son taking my pictures.


Your 5 year-old took some of your pictures for you, and did an impressive job! What was their favorite outfit of mom’s?

Ha! My son, Mason, loves to take pictures, of anything!  He loved being the photographer and says that taking the pics was his favorite part. I got him to say that he likes my “fancy clothes” and he said my earrings are his favorite. Mason would be happy if we all wore BMX or skateboarder gear all the time, but Im working on him.


Out of all the online stores out there, why us?? Cuz we’re awfully flattered!
Because youre the best of course!!  I dont remember how I first found Soul Flower online but I know I loved it right away. Ive been shopping from them for about 3 years now. There was an issue once, long long ago, with a pair of knitted gloves I had ordered and they had to be sent back for an exchange. My package showed up to Soul Flower torn and empty 🙁  I actually received a phone call from them saying what had happened and how the envelope arrived with no item in it to return, and that they were still going to send me out a new pair (because SF is awesome)! I remember that this all went down during the Holiday season and I was so impressed with the awesome customer service, and the friendly phone call from an actual person, here in the actual USA, and they sounded like such cool people…I was hooked!

Soul Flower has consistently offered amazingly cute things at reasonable prices, and have always had renewable, organic, recycled, Earth friendly stuff.The catalogs are always beautiful and super artful, and I love getting them and passing them on. Another thing I absolutely love is when I get a package from Soul Flower, most of the time there is a short handwritten note or hello on my reciept….that makes my day to know that someone actually cares enough to say hi & spread some joy while they were packing up my stuff. Did I mention the awesome customer service??

What inspires your overall style?
I would definitely say comfort first of all! If something looks amazing but isnt comfy, it wont last 5 minutes. I live in a mild, coastal climate so the ability to layer is another big thing for me. Im a pretty basic girl, I dont like super feminine things or super tough things either. Im my most happy in an old pair of Levis and a few great shirts, with an amazing pair of boots of course. That is one of my big weaknesses, I have tons of pairs.
Im not a big fan of synthetic fibers, so I really appreciate that Soulflower offers so many choices in natural & organic.

What’s your favorite quote?
My first one would be ‘Forever and a Day’, that is something that I share with my husband and it is special to both of us.
Another that really is true for me is ‘Let go, laughing’, its from my favorite song by Sugarland called It Happens. Its all about how life happens, good and bad, and how you cant do anything to change it so all you can do is let go, laughing. I love it!


I had a great week with this and I cant wait to do a spring/summer edition! Thanks Soul Flower 🙂

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Showing Off Soul Flower’s Peacock Pride

peajournal - Showing Off Soul Flower's Peacock Pride

With their stunning, bright coloration, and love for the limelight, peacocks have earned themselves a fame they’ve worked hard for. Different cultures view the peacock differently, but overall the regal bird is a symbol for soul mates, beauty, and mysticism. In Buddhism, the peacock’s fan of “eyes” symbolize wisdom, and openness because of their widespread tail. While in Christianity, the peacock goes hand-in-hand with immortality, since they’re believed to ingest poisonous plants with no ill effects. And, to top it all off, peacocks are India’s sacred National Bird.

On the negative side, peacocks have their pride and vanity, but, hey, we all need to strut our stuff sometimes!

So perhaps it’s not too curious that we’ve filled Soul Flower with an insane amount of them! However, since peacocks aren’t one for being hidden away in a warehouse, we figured we ought to give them a chance to do what they do best:


This long sleeve, swoop-neck tee comes in charcoal, ocean or electric, and each color knows how to grab a compliment. The design isn’t limited to only the front, which means this peacock is strutting its feathers no matter which way you turn! And if you prefer short sleeves, we have just the thing for you, too! Our Birds of a Feather Tee definitely shows off the regal, spiritual side of our feathered friend.

INA002 lg - Showing Off Soul Flower's Peacock PrideBlog Image
Sanganeer Circle Tapestry 

But when a girl really, really, wants to show off, there’s nothing quite like a cute peacock dress! Fortunately, we have more than one to choose from, and for representing the same symbol; these two dresses are very different from each other. What they do have in common is a flirtatious charm that’s hard to ignore.

Our most popular peacock picks here at Soul Flower would have to be our accessories. The regal peacock earrings and hairclip both know how to wow a crowd; they’re definite show stoppers! Their skill for inspiring adoration is probably due to the fact that they truly are peacock feathers!

We here at Soul Flower figure we mind as well take a blatant hint from our friend, the peacock, and start adding some extra flirty color and pizzazz to our summer – at least it wouldn’t hurt their peacock pride if we did. 😉

peacok - Showing Off Soul Flower's Peacock Pride
Our Latest Birds of a Feather Messenger Bag


In fact, Soul Flower has another pretty peacock coming SOON!! So be on the lookout! Little hint: It wraps around your neck. Oh, the mystery! 😉

Have you donned any of these feathery fashions, or are you hoping to? Feel free to tell us about it, we love hearing from you!

Love & Happiness,
Jacqueline Lee

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Woo be Scrunchalicious

Yay! Got my new crop pants, buds and I gotta tell you, they’re packin’ some serious scrunch! They definitely deserve the name scrunchalicious! I’m always amazed at how much I adore these garments when they arrive. Is that weird? I can’t remember ever being so happy about getting clothing before. Describing the goods with such strong emotional phrases like “love, love, love them!” Yep, aha and theses capris are so wonderful, I just love ’em, too!

The soft fabric gives them a lot of stretch (95% cotton and 5% lycra) making for one cozy pair of crops. I gotta admit, I’m more of a shorts or jeans kinda gal when I’m in casual mode. Creature of habit, maybe? Well, these scrunchie crops have changed my mind on what’s most comfortable. These cropies are mucho soft, a nice weight plus have great details and style. I feel like I’m dressing up every top I own with them. All the same, I can totally lounge around the house while sporting these puppies and don’t miss wearing jeans or shorts AT ALL. In fact, I feel like I’m in my pajama bottoms! Shhh.

As for the design, the waist has a thin elastic band that is very stretchy. The size small waist seems to comfortably stretch to twenty eight inches. Below the waist the capris have a three inch stitched yoke design. Love that 80’s throwback detail. They seem to be a little big in the hips for me but I wear long tops anyway so, no worries there. The sweetest little embroidered tree lives centered on the back of the waistband and they have a nifty seam down the middle (front and back) of each leg. Starting at the knees, the main feature, the coolest gathered scrunchieness ever! I ordered them in brown which is a really nice chocolate shade (darker than the picture online) and they go with almost everything I own. I like them so much I’m thinking about getting the black ones (which will go with everything else I own).

There’s another important benefit of owning these capris, they are part of Avatar Imports clothing line. Avatar is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, (a nonprofit trade association that promotes businesses that adhere to principles of fair trade). So, workers creating these great clothes aren’t paid as little as possible (sweat shop amounts), they are paid an amount that actually allows them to…live. Not only that, Avatar is a certified “Green” company practicing resource conservation – conserving energy, water, materials, preventing pollution, waste, etc. This inspires me to do what I can in my own life because even simple things like shutting off power when leaving a room, printing double sided or canceling junk mail CAN make a difference. These things matter. Every natural resource is precious and every being is of value and deserves to be treated with fairness and a chance at a better life for the work they do. Wouldn’t it be great if this was a priority for everyone? Today is the day to change. So, I will gladly wear wonderfully unique scrunchalicious capris from companies that believe in doing good, being conscious and fair.

Peace and love,

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Karma Krewe 2011

We’ve now introduced all of our new Soul Flower Karma Krewe members, so if you missed any introductions, here’s your chance to meet ’em!

Meet Lisa, Karma Krewe member & self-proclaimed Wannabe-Hippie!

Meet Andria of our Soul Flower Karma Krewe

Call her Wendi or call her Woo – the latest member to the krewe…

Karma Krewe Introductions: Meet Cam

Meet Roy: musician, traveler & latest karma krewe member

Meet Candice, country mama & blogger extraordinaire…

Aloha from Lauren, new karma krewe member

Welcome to Cindy, our sailing karma krewe mama

Sheila, our own Karma Krewe jewelry weaver

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Meet Lisa, Karma Krewe 2011

We’ve known Lisa for awhile now… as an enthusiastic Soul-Flower lover who was spreading the vibes far & wide with her blog and twitter. We realized that Lisa was a natural and would make a great addition to the Karma Krewe, so here she is! Welcome, Lisa 🙂

Hi I’m Lisa and I’m a goofy chick from Texas living in Alabama with my hubby, three teenagers and giant dog, Puppy. Living in Alabama is an interesting experience for my liberal, eccentric self. The geography is just exquisite and I drink it up every day! My three monstery, darling teenagers are fabulous musicians and have taught me a lot about music. And I fully enjoy being an active band mom – and hubby’s the uber band dad. He built that ship for the last fall show! Everyone loved it!
My Favorite Soul-Flower find: My tie dye blue men’s Grateful Dead shirt – wear it ALL the time. Have it on now, in fact! 😉

My Favorite piece of jewelry: My Peace Angel necklace my son bought me at the Cathedral in D.C.

My Favorite Friend: Loretta, from

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Meet Andria of our Soul Flower Karma Krewe

Meet Andria – yoga and outdoor adventurist and our latest soul flower karma krewe member:

lion ride - Meet Andria of our Soul Flower Karma Krewe

Hey, My name Andria and I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I love to play outside in the mountains and rivers with my husband and dog, do yoga, dance, hoop, listen to music, travel, eat, hang out with friends…so many things! When it comes time to pay the bills, I frantically work with my husband to run a small publishing company making and selling whitewater guidebooks, fly fishing guidebooks, and my yoga DVDs. I am usually way into beer and wine, but we recently got a bar in our house and I’ve been trying all sorts of fun mixed drinks-yum!

My favorite singer is JEM (well, and Mae Moore) and favorite band is Thievery Corporation

My favorite thing to wear right now are my Soulflower fingerless gloves (although I am stoked for sundress weather!)

My favorite quote is “There are no mistakes, only lessons,” which was in a fortune cookie.

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Welcome to Cindy

We are continuing our introductions to our newest karma krewe team – our krewe is a group of soul flower customers who help us spread the soul flower vibe at festivals, concerts, events & online – meet our latest member, Cindy, author of Zach Aboard (two kids. a boat. a life afloat.)
Hi I’m Cindy. I live aboard a 44-foot catamaran on the Chesapeake Bay with my patient husband, my adventurous 6 year old son, and my sweet 4 month old daughter. This is the second boat we’ve lived on, the first one pre-kids was smaller and we traveled on it with our salty mutt down to the islands back in 2001-2002. Before becoming a homeschooling mama, I was a producer and director for various fluffy cable TV shows. Now we’re a TV-free household and I still do some script writing and magazine writing from home. I love sailing, exploring with my kids, taking pictures, and traveling.

Favorite bird: Lyrebird

Favorite color: all of them swirled together, the crazier the better!

Favorite shoes: shoes? what shoes?

Favorite Vacation EVER: A close tie between 2 months of sailing around Cuba & 3 weeks in Bali, Indonesia where I got married

Favorite live show EVER: Keali’i Reichel (i <3 hula)

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Aloha from Lauren, new karma krewe member

We are continuing the introductions of soul flower’s latest krewe members – meet Ms. Lauren, a long-time customer & island girl, living on Oahu and studying at HPU…she plans to share peace, love & sunshine with all of our buds. Welcome Lauren (we love <3 the piece by peace skirt in your photo – very cool!) —

Aloha! My name is Lauren and right now I’m studying marine biology and environmental chemistry at Hawaii Pacific University. I live on Oahu and am loving island life, but I’m originally from Southern California. I like to think of myself as open minded, curious, and laid back. I love being outdoors, going to reggae concerts, hanging with some four-legged friends, or just chilling with cool people.

My favorite tree: Banyan trees!!!

My favorite types of music: Oldies (I’m a total Elvis fan), reggae, and 90’s alternative.

My favorite take-out: Native Foods! It’s a vegan place back home that makes the best tempeh.

ajax loader 2x - Aloha from Lauren, new karma krewe member

Call her Wendi or call her Woo

By now you probably know about the Soul Flower Karma Krewe – our customers who work extra hard to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth in exchange for soul flower goodies. Meet one of our latest newbies, Wendi (or Woo as we know her….). Welcome Woo!

Hiya, buds! My name is Wendi or you can call me Woo. I call Iowa home – except for in the winter when I sneak off to Arizona! Yes! A young snow bird! I currently work in marketing, managing promotional teams for events and trade shows. My background is in apparel merchandising/design and retail management. I’m also an actor, painter and photographer. I dig hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, road trips, live music, and indie films. My passions are the well being of all animals and doing what I can to preserve this beautiful planet. ADOPT FROM POUNDS – SAVE A LIFE! REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE!

My favorite bands right now: Neon Indian and Blackbird Blackbird

Favorite live show ever: Architecture In Helsinki

Favorite Animal: My two chihuahua mixes (Sprout and Willow) and my hamster (Zygote).

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Meet Roy from the Karma Krewe

The Soul Flower Karma Krewe – a cool group of customers who are helping us to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth. We are introducing a whole new krewe for 2011 — here is our latest member, Roy:

Hey, I’m Roy. I live in Canada. I’m a current student in Ontario Canada for Adventure Recreation & Parks and finishing this spring. I generally spend my summers in the rockies & I try spend my time outside hiking/climbing as much as I can. I love to jam on my guitar and catch live shows/festivals. I’m a big fan of organics, good mentality, and good music.

Favorite Band: The Decemberists are my favorite at this moment.

Favorite Tree: the camperdown elm. Being a parks student I love and can identify almost all trees of north am. but this one is just too cool.

Favorite Snack: Tofu Misodari with asparagus. with some yam tempura sushi. come to banff we’ll get some of this!

ajax loader 2x - Meet Roy from the Karma Krewe

Meet Candice Karma Krewe…

We are excited to introduce our latest karma krewe,’s  street team of enthusiastic & fun-loving customers who spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth. Enjoy the intros and watch for them right here on our blog in the very near future 🙂 First off, let’s meet Candice:



Hello All! My name is Candice, I am a 21 year old Mama to my beautiful 18month old daughter. I’m a country girl at heart, living in the city of Atlanta. These days I spend my time going to parks, and playing all things toddler. I also of course love to get out and about and drop in on live music whenever I can. I’m also a huge outdoors person, I love camping, hiking, and just about anything outside. I’m super excited to be a part of the new Karma Krewe!

Favorite Song (right now) : Fitz and the Tantrums – Money Grabber

Favorite Spot: My old campspot in Pa at Muddy Creek!

My favorite Snack: I LOVE Cascadian Farms cinnamon oatmeal raisin cereal!

My blog: Stash Mama

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Welcome to the New Krewe!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will say goodbye to our first krewe & welcome a whole new karma krewe (the coolest & best customers who spread the soul flower vibe) to Wow buds, it is amazing to look back over the last year – so many great memories & reviews. In short, our first EVA! krewe went to hundreds of festivals & concerts (more than I can count), traveled extensively (cross-country & internationally), welcomed a baby (hi Oliver!), finished two semesters, dealt with a few unwelcome curveballs (and made it thru), started a business, and more! And as we wind down and say goodbye, we are reminded that the nature of the krewe is to keep the karma going….

So we are now welcoming a whole new group of buds to take over this little karmatic experience for the next year. Watch here for introductions & be sure to say HELLO to our brand new krewe as they help spread vibes virtually and in real life. Peace Buds,

ajax loader 2x - Welcome to the New Krewe!

Our 2011 Karma Krewe!

Blog Image karmatic collage - Our 2011 Karma Krewe!
karma krewe logo 300 - Our 2011 Karma Krewe!

Karma Krewe 2011…

We are seeking writers for our Karma Krewe. Each year, we choose a team of enthusiastic & fun-loving customers who help us to spread the Soul Flower vibe across mother earth. Watch for our krewe out there: handing out stickers & catalogs; talking about; and writing product reviews and stories right here on our blog.

So…do you like blogging & writing? Do you love Soul Flower and want to tell others about it? Do you like to be on the receiving end of discounts and free products? Do you want to get lots of karma from your Soul Flower buds? Then answer the questions below & email them to [email protected]

p.s. This is not a paid job! It is a true labor of love with free products and samples (and an ongoing discount…) as your rewards 🙂

Yes, I want to be on the Soul-Flower Karma Krewe!

Your Name:
Your Email:

Your Location:
Your Phone:
Are you over 18 years?
Your Blog:
Your Facebook Link:
Your Twitter Link:
How often do you visit

What is your all time favorite Soul-Flower item you own?

If you could buy one thing from Soul-Flower right now, what would it be?
What unique perspective can you bring to our blog?


Email your answers, along with a writing sample & photo of yourself to: [email protected] by February 21st. Thanks buds!

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~Wayne Dyer

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Fall Fashion! Runway to Real Way #3

Blog Image runway to realway fall2010 - Fall Fashion! Runway to Real Way #3
Here at Soul Flower, we work hard to find products that reflect your bohemian, peaceful, eco-friendly lifestyle. But did you know how much our styles mimic current runway fashion? We know that high fashion can be high priced, so we matched up a few Soul Flower threads that capture the vibe of each runway piece. Check out these items (and more on to get a high-fashion look at a price that fits your budget and your lifestyle!

Ski Girl Patch Skirt
Sadie Tunic
Zigs & Zags Scarf
Prairie Home Skirt

(Previous Runway to Real Way posts)

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Bob Marley T-Shirt Review

Blog Image kaya2 - Bob Marley T-Shirt Review Blog Image kaya1 - Bob Marley T-Shirt Review Blog Image kaya3 - Bob Marley T-Shirt Review

I was lucky to be able to spend most of the weekends this Summer on the beaches of Sea Isle City, NJ. We roadtripped from Philly to Sea Isle every weekend listening to my man Bob Marley both in the car & on the beach! The influence of Sea Isle’s laid-back vibe can be seen all over town, and especially in the beach fashion. Sea Isle style is super relaxed, super comfortable. In a small beach town, everyone ends up chillin in tye-dye, so I was ready for something a little bit different just to keep it fresh. I’m also always happy to represent for Soul-Flower and Mr. Marley, so my new Kaya Tie-Top Blouse was the perfect addition to my beach wardrobe! The bright colors matched all of my favorite Summer accessories. The tie-top is cute and flirty and the material is soft and light, making this blouse perfect for any Summer event. I’m so happy to be rockin’ my sweet new Bob gear from Soul-Flower!

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Meet our Soul Mates: Cool Pendants

meetoursoulmates2 - Meet our Soul Mates: Cool PendantsBlog Image
Our Soul Mate: Fani, artist & creator of these pendants.

“My dream is to create art works that inspire women to feel special and beautiful….” ~fani song

Here at Soul Flower we’re all about unique designs and eco-friendly materials and techniques. So when we found Fani, we found a soul mate for sure. She combines her love of art and nature into these fabulous pendant necklaces made from her favorite photos & recycled glass – these are our Into the Mystic Pendants. Handmade in Canada, Fani individually designs and handcrafts each piece using a cool technique that fuses a photo to the recycled glass. And they are very limited edition (she only makes 200 of each one, so you will want one before they are gone!). Be sure to check out the back of your pendant – it is even numbered and individually signed by the artist! So if you don’t already have one of these unique, eco-friendly pieces, be sure to check out the latest options available at Soul Flower. And because you took the time to meet our soul mate, you can get 30% off your necklace this week only – use the coupon code SOULMATE3 when you check out.

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Spreading the Vibes

We hope you all are enjoying your summer, and that you are getting to spend some time outdoors in the wonderful weather!

Our bud Trish from the Karma Krewe went to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, CO, and shared some pics with us, rockin’ her Down Low Hemp Hat!

Blog Image DSCF4488 - Spreading the Vibes Blog Image DSCF4420 - Spreading the Vibes Blog Image DSCF4414 - Spreading the Vibes

At the festival, Trish also handed out some Soul Flower catalogs and stickers as a way to get the word out about our cool threads for kind heads… which reminds us…

The Fall/Winter 2010 Soul Flower catalog is now in the works! It won’t be delivered to you til October, but get excited! Because we’ve been working hard to bring in a bunch of new items that we’re sure you’ll love.

And speaking of love, we all know reusing is even better than recycling (though recycling is good, too!), so if you’ve exhausted your current Soul Flower catalog with all your lovin’, pass it on to a friend. It’s always awesome to spread some positive vibes!

If you’re looking for more ways to spread the Soul Flower vibe, check out our new Goodies section on the site. We’ve got badges for your blog, sweet desktop wallpapers, and some cool cards you can print out.

One more thing for you to check out…

catalogs - Spreading the VibesBlog Image
Remember our past catalogs? We just added a gallery of covers so we can all reminisce… and see how far we’ve come!

PS: If you’d like to be added to our mailing list to receive a paper catalog, you can sign up here! Or you can browse the catalog digitally.

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Runway to Real Way #2

Blog Image runway to realway number2+copy - Runway to Real Way #2
If you missed our first Runway to Real Way post, check it out here.

We work hard to find products that reflect your bohemian, peaceful, eco-friendly lifestyle, but did you know how much our styles mimic current runway fashion? But since we know that high fashion can be high priced, we matched up a few Soul Flower threads that capture the vibe of each runway piece. Check out these items (and more on to get a high-fashion look at a price that fits your budget (and your lifestyle)!

Items pictured:
Simple Livin’ Dress . Destiny Ruffle Dress

Playing in the Bandana Skirt . Long Tie-Dye Tube Dress

ajax loader 2x - Runway to Real Way #2

Runway to Real Way #1

Blog Image runway to realway number1+copy - Runway to Real Way #1
We work hard to find products that reflect your bohemian, peaceful, eco-friendly lifestyle, but did you know how much our styles mimic current runway fashion? Our bud Leiah pulled these pics from Spring 2010 runways……the first in a series of cool Runway to Realway posts.

These styles graced fashion runways all over the world for Spring 2010. We dig the designers’ creativity and personal style that shines in all these pieces, but we also know that high fashion can be high priced! So we matched up a few Soul Flower threads that capture the vibe of each runway piece. Check out these items (and more on to get a high-fashion look at a price that fits your budget (and your lifestyle)!

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Hemp Hat Review by Trish

Hey Buds,
By now you know about our Karma Krewe, Soul Flower’s own street team pounding the pavement (both virtual and actual) to help spread the word about Trish is one of our karmic mamas – and you just may see her on the west coast, at a festival or two or just out & about enjoying the never ending NM sunshine. Trish has been so kind to us – always sending smiley photos telling us about her sweet adventures. Since we keep getting updates about where she has been (over 100 shows a year), we thought it would be fun to share a few of her latest photos in the Down Low Hemp Hat, giving you the low-down on Trish in the down-low hemp hat from Soul Flower:

“I’ve been loving my Down Low Hemp Sunhat! I have received so many compliments and it keeps my skin happy when I’m out promoting.” ~*~ Trish ~*~

Thanks for the review of our down low hemp hat trish! See you on the road. 🙂

ajax loader 2x - Hemp Hat Review by Trish

Stacey Reviews Boho Backpack

Hey fellow Soul-flower Buds! Let me just start off by saying I have yet to purchase an item from Soul-flower that I was disappointed with and the Remember When…Boho Patchwork Backpack is no exception. I am absolutely in love with this backpack! The colors and designs vary somewhat, as the one I received is a bit different from the one pictured. However, it is just as beautiful! Besides, waiting to see exactly what mine would look like was half the fun and excitement! It has four different sized, zippered compartments on the outside and one small one on the inside. There is so much room in this bag! I have been carrying it around with me for a couple of weeks now and it’s holding up wonderfully. The hand-sewn fabrics are durable, but I don’t recommend carrying many books or other really heavy items in it. I have thrown my laptop in it a few times and so far, the weight of it seems to be fine.
The moment I laid eyes upon this bag, I knew it had my name written all over it. I love just about anything with patchwork and embroidery. I just wish I had owned this backpack last summer when I took my cross-country road trip. It would have been perfect. Traveling is one of my favorite things and I am really looking forward to taking this bag on lots of future trips with me. Hopefully it will accompany me on my vacation to Mexico and the Mayan Runes this summer.
Hiking is also something I really enjoy. From this point on, whenever my boyfriend and I hit the trails, you can expect to see me with the Tapestry Patchwork Backpack and him with The Wanderer Bag (which by the way, is also an excellent Soul-Flower item!) I am anxiously awaiting the warmer weather and the many adventures in store for me with my new backpack. Thank you Soul-Flower! You are and will continue to be my favorite store. ☮Peace.

ajax loader 2x - Stacey Reviews Boho Backpack

karmakrewe - The Karma Krewe

The Karma Krewe

This is our team of enthusiastic & fun-loving customers who are helping us to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth. Watch for them out there: handing out stickers & catalogs; talking about; and writing product reviews and stories right here on our blog.

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Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

041 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

This bag review comes from our bud Cam. She recently received a Mandala Hippie Bag one of Soul Flower’s ongoing favorite bags. This bag is beautiful, well constructed and continues to stand the test of time. We could go on, but we will just let Cam tell you about it. Here she is:

The decision came easily when it was time to choose my first Soul Flower item – I went for the mandala bag. I received it a couple of weeks ago, and honestly, the catalog picture just doesn’t do it justice.

On the page, the color comes across as being muted, almost beige, but when you have an actual visual, it is a saturated shade of deep green. The threading that you see on it wraps all the way around the shoulder band, down the sides of the bag, and underneath it. The mandala is so awesome in person because you can see the detail, and different shades of thread! My first impression? This bag sure has a lot of threading to not see a strand out of place! Not one single little thread running amok! Somebody really took their time to construct this bag solidly, and it extends to the mandala design.

FPT004 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala BagBlog Image I also noticed that the shoulder strap at the top is very wide, so it will distribute the weight evenly. For someone whose bag gets heavier throughout the day, that is an added perk! The outside fabric is sturdy. I haven’t been exactly easy on it so far, and I see no snags or tears. Something else I like, there are zippers on both inside panels. One in the front, and one in the back. So, you get one big open space in the middle, but also two zippered compartments if you choose to use them. I like having separate spaces for the things I carry that I don’t want others to see if I have to dump my purse out to find my keys because they have disappeared down into the abyss again.
I chose the bag as something I would like to test out, and then spread the word to my buds, because I’m a mom. Most of my friends are moms. And, moms usually require some stylish storage. When I am out of the house there are things I have to carry with me. For instance, right now I have: two organic apples in case my son or I need a snack tomorrow, a book for those moments I get to sit & read somewhere, my camera, my MP3 player because my son loves to listen to it, a small journal, ink pens, two guitar picks, a flattened penny from a machine on River Street in Savannah, and my change purse. The best part about all that stuff being in there? The bag doesn’t even appear crammed full. So far, the response I’ve had from others has been really positive. I can’t wait to choose my next item, and add to my Soul Flower collection! Peace, buds! (btw, click here to see the bag on soul-flower’s site)


044 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

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