All About Malas

It’s easy to see why mala beads are gaining in popularity. They’re beautiful-looking, meaningful, and act as meditation or prayer tool. Thinking about getting one of your own? Read on to learn the how-to’s of both picking out mala beads and using them!  (more…)

An Interview with EcoEnclose

If you’ve ordered anything from Soul Flower since Fall of 2013, chances are it was packed in eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose! Since we’re an online-only business, we use a lot more shipping materials than businesses who have “brick and mortar” stores. That’s why finding packaging that aligned with our values was so important!


We Support Truth in Fashion

A lot of buzz has been happening lately around issues of body positivity and being true to who you are. One of our mottos at Soul Flower is to Be Yourself. So with all this positive change in the air, we wanted to share our perspective. (more…)

Go Green: Sign up & Save the Trees

Hey Buds!
Join us in an eco-goodness adventure and help us to go paperless this season. We are giving all those mail carriers (and trees) a break and would love to send your catalog directly to your email instead (hugs to trees everywhere!). To celebrate this change, we have created a brand new series of online Lookbooks we can’t wait to share. We just need your email to be sure youstay in the loop about all things Soul Flower. So if you aren’t on our list yet, join now & don’t miss out! 


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