We Support Truth in Fashion

A lot of buzz has been happening lately around issues of body positivity and being true to who you are. One of our mottos at Soul Flower is to Be Yourself. So with all this positive change in the air, we wanted to share our perspective. (more…)

Go Green: Sign up & Save the Trees

Hey Buds!
Join us in an eco-goodness adventure and help us to go paperless this season. We are giving all those mail carriers (and trees) a break and would love to send your catalog directly to your email instead (hugs to trees everywhere!). To celebrate this change, we have created a brand new series of online Lookbooks we can’t wait to share. We just need your email to be sure youstay in the loop about all things Soul Flower. So if you aren’t on our list yet, join now & don’t miss out! 


Must Watch: Forest Man

Absolutely in awe and adoration over this short, award-winning documentary about one man’s effort to save Majuli Island by single-handedly planting a forest that is now larger than Central Park. His goal is to prevent further erosion of his island, that is otherwise expected to disappear in 15-20 years, and to protect the beautiful wildlife within the area.


How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY for a Forest Goddess!)

Did you notice the gorgeous, goddess-like twig crown in Soul Flower’s Summer Lookbook “Lost in Ever Everland” ? It’s almost impossible not to want to make one yourself, right? Luckily it’s super simple to make a crown of twigs. In this blog we show you how to make a twig crown fit only for a forest goddess. (And please, add in flowers or other earth elements that speak to your forest goddess soul!)


National Small Business Week

This week is National Small Business Week, and we just wanted to send out a huge THANKS and all the good vibes in the world to those of you who have supported small business throughout the year. You’ve truly helped make our communities brighter, stronger and a whole lotta better! ❤ (more…)

Earth Day Tips & Helpful Articles

The best thing we can do for Earth Day is to become conscious of our Earth every day. Sometimes it can take small lifestyle changes such as switching to cloth napkins or making homemade, eco-friendly cleaners to really lighten our daily affect on mamma earth. If you’ve been debating making a lifestyle change to benefit both you and the earth, here are some little tips for creating positive change, along with some worthwhile articles to check out for more info!


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