Soul Flower’s Fall/Winter Catalog in the Works!

Hey Buds,

Here’s a tiny sneak peek into what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Soul Flower.


maddiecakes - Soul Flower's Fall/Winter Catalog in the Works!
Playing with hair and makeup
Samantha - Soul Flower's Fall/Winter Catalog in the Works!
Snapping pics of them poses
We’ve been working hard and having fun – before you know it, October will be here and a new catalog will at your door!
soulflowerpicnic - Soul Flower's Fall/Winter Catalog in the Works!
Eating a picnic lunch among Segway tours …yup, those exist 😉

Your buds at Soul Flower


ajax loader - Soul Flower's Fall/Winter Catalog in the Works!

Spring/Summer Catalog – Behind the Scenes

The catalogs are in the mail and our online catalog is available Monday. To give you a taste of the boho-organic awesomeness that is Spring/Summer 2012 – here’s a little behind the scenes.

Keep your eyes on the mail box for our totally recycled catalog! If you still need to request one – go HERE. Look for the online catalog Monday! Make sure you get the latest Soul Flower styles and sweet promos by signing up for our email HERE.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

ajax loader - Spring/Summer Catalog - Behind the Scenes

I Hug My Computer Because Of You

This Valentine’s Day I would just like to tell all of you how amazing you’ve been. Good vibes abound here at Soul Flower, thanks to you! We can’t help but Love you buds! Your enthusiasm and support never fails to amaze us. Every time we go onto Facebook, (i.e. the internet) we’re always welcomed with wonderful energy and great stories.

There have been several instances where I almost hugged my computer, because the messages you send put a huge smile on my face. You go beyond the support of buying our product by sharing your insights, humor, and soul through your comments & letters, and it never goes unnoticed.

huginternet - I Hug My Computer Because Of You
Ha- that’s ME! (…If I were bald & not lovingly addicted to the internet)


My job title here at Soul Flower is Copywriter/Daydreamer, and part of my role is to keep tabs on our Social Media.  I want you to know: I read every little line of it; I even read the best ones out loud. I gush and geek out over the pictures and witty, inspiring words of wisdom. In fact, that’s how this blog came about. The other week I burst into the office across the hall, ecstatic about the response you buds were giving on a post. I gushed, “Do you see this!? I want to hug my computer; they just rock!” To which our photographer, Jenn said, “You should tell them that!” It only makes sense.

loveshine - I Hug My Computer Because Of You


So, here I am. Writing you a love letter of sorts. 🙂

I heart my job to pieces, and a lot of that is due to YOU! Some of you post frequently, and I’m starting to feel like we’ve hung out, or hiked a favorite trail together – it feels like I’ve actually met you! You’ve made social media the friendly place it was intended to be, and you spread the good vibe that Soul Flower stands for. If your messages one day stopped (fingers crossed they don’t!) and my inbox became a ghost town, I’d miss you all tremendously! So please don’t let that happen. Instead, be Soul Flower’s Valentine?

Our soul flowers for you! <3


budshug - I Hug My Computer Because Of You



ajax loader - I Hug My Computer Because Of You

13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer

Did you know you can get cheaper shipping at if your total order weighs 13 ounces or less? True, true! Rule of thumb is, if it’s 13 ounces or less, it’s a First Class go!  Here are some cool 13 ounces or less Soul Flower items of awesomeness that you can send while saving!


134+ounces - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer


Basically, you just want to think small and light – Pretty simple. Once you get the hang of thinking in terms of 13 ounces or less, the creative mailing possibilities are endless. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, shopping according to product weight will definitely prove helpful. If you shop Soul Flower according to cost, most every item in the $10-$20 gift range falls into the 13 ounces or less category, as well!


sock+%2526+scents - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer

Even thinking outside of the Soul Flower box, there are many creative gift ideas out there that you can ship on the cheap. Did you know that there is an entire blog dedicated to this very topic? Giverslog is the perfect blog to follow for mailing inspiration. With an entire category dedicated to exciting DIY 13 ounce gift ideas, you’ll find yourself running to your mailbox waaay more often! So, if the author of Giverslog, Amberlee, can come up with a blog FULL of 13 ounces or less ideas (all of which are super fun!), we’re positive you can come up with a few splendid ideas as well! If you’d like more lightweight mailing ideas this “Roundup” post covers a selection of her 13 ounces or less favorites – click here! If you do poke around her blog, you’ll find all sorts of sweet ideas! Like mailing a flip flop! Tell me it isn’t rad to receive one flip flop one week and another the next week– you can’t! 😉 It’s just a fantastic gift idea, especially for all you lucky ones enjoying the warm sun this winter.

flip%20flop%20mail - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer
mail sandal - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer
What 13 ounce gifts will you be mailing this holiday season? 🙂


ajax loader - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer

How to Create a Wishlist on

Ahh holiday gift shopping – you either love it or hate it, right? Help take the stress and guessing game out & get what you really want this year: create your very own wishlist at Soul Flower! No more size guessing, or even worse – style guessing. Show them what you want instead. You can add any item from Soul Flower to your wishlist, then share it with anyone.

If you’ve never used Wishlists on before, here’s a quick tutorial:

wishlist - How to Create a Wishlist on

Go to and click on Wishlist:

Click “I Want to Create a Wishlist!”
2 wishlist page - How to Create a Wishlist on

 If you don’t have a login already, you’ll have to create one by clicking on the new customer link. After you create an account, you can login!
3 wishlist login - How to Create a Wishlist on

You’ll land at your wishlist. No items? No worries! Get shopping by clicking on any of the category links on the left.
4 empty wishlist - How to Create a Wishlist on

 Shop around til you find something you just can’t live without!

wishlistpick - How to Create a Wishlist on

Choose your size in that item, and click  “Wishlist” to add!

Wishlistselect - How to Create a Wishlist on

After you create your entire wishlist, share it with a friend so they know exactly what your little heart desires 🙂

7 wishlist share - How to Create a Wishlist on

What will you be wishing for?
Get started now!
wishlist - How to Create a Wishlist on

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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How Soul Flower’s Designs Come to Be

Ever wonder how our Soul Flower Original designs come about? Well today, all those questions are  being answered by our graphic designer, Leiah – the talent behind those positive, upbeat, gotta-have-it Soul Flower designs! 

So… Tell us a little about yourself, Leiah.
My name is Leiah and I am the (self-titled) Pixologist here at Soul Flower! The term Pixologist (to me) means a graphic designer who mixes handmade and traditional art techniques with digital processes and pixels to create cool stuff.

dreamcatcher leiah - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Pixologist Leiah!

When & why did you get into graphic design?
I studied Studio Art in college, and first got into graphic design creating posters for my school’s choir. After graduating, I worked for the University of Minnesota graphic designing, and then found my niche at Soul Flower doing what I love most—a mix of graphic design AND art. Originally, I got into graphic design because there was a need for a creative person to produce marketing pieces. I knew the basics of Photoshop and studying art helped develop my eye for aesthetics, so I was the girl for the job!

How long have you worked for Soul Flower?
Soul Flower hired me at first to help out in the warehouse picking and packing orders in the summer of 2009. Working hard on the side doing graphic design projects for Soul Flower gave me that extra push I needed to snag the best position I could ask for at Soul Flower – as their graphic designer! I’ve been Pixologist since May 2010 
SOL003alt4 lg - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be

Do you have a favorite Soul Flower design that you created?
I really like one of our newest designs, Soul Rebel Cycles. For this design, I really pushed myself to come up with something super creative and a little bit badass, which was fun. Another favorite is Be Yourself, a tweener and now women’s tee design. It’s super simple, but has a great positive message, which I love.
badass - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
 Which design best captures you as a person? Why?
One of our new tee designs – Road Warrior – captures me as a person pretty well. I love basic line drawings, and this one is a little bit quirky and not quite perfect – just like me!

SOL262 lg - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
 What process do you go through to create a T-shirt design?

First of all, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. I’m constantly collecting images that grab my attention and that I think could inspire a sweet design. The Karma Captain (Peggy) and I then talk through some concepts we think our Soul Flower customers would love. If you haven’t noticed already, here at Soul Flower we especially love peace, love, nature, and music!

lei - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Gypsy Soul is Coming Soon! Keep an eye out!

Then comes time to draw! Depending on the concept, the design will either stay pretty true to the original sketch (like Road Warrior, Soul Rebel Cycles), or it gets a sweet digital treatment (like Gypsy Soul, Soul Flower Nouveau). Most of my designs started as a hand-drawn sketch, and evolved from there.

I like keeping it real with the designs I create. Along the way, I use real pencils, ink, crayons, and paper. I used a linoleum block to create Soul Flower Block Print, and a stencil and spray paint for Free Your Mind.
free stencil - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Blog: Free Your Mind Tee Process
printing3 - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be

Cutting pieces of paper helped me create Cattails and Love You Make. The texture on Take It Easy came from crayons. And Feel All Right was born from a doodle

leiah - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be

What inspires you most?
Line and color. I love lines and see them in everything: line drawings, outlines of tree branches, strands of hair, the veins on a leaf, stitching on clothing… And color: I love color! Since childhood I’ve been a huge fan of Lisa Frank, Rainbow Brite, everything rainbow, tie dye, and just bright colors in general.
SOL224alt1 lg - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be

peacock sketch - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Did any Soul Flower designs come to you like a lightning bolt, like, BAM! Yes, I have to make that!?
One in particular – Peacock. One day I thought, “I really feel like drawing a peacock.” I didn’t even know if we’d end up using it, but I drew it anyway. Next thing I knew, Soul Flower’s Peacock shirt was flying off the shelves and we even translated the drawing into another design, Birds of a Feather. People love peacocks!

What other artistic hobbies are you into?

Bookbinding, art journaling, printmaking now and then, sewing, knitting (although I’m not very good at finishing any knitting projects!), and cooking. Does cooking count?
Where do you typically draw designs?
I work at home, so anywhere comfy! Actually, I prefer to sit down at a table with good lighting and draw. Sometimes the hours just slip away when I’m working on something; I love that state of flow.
Do you work in silence? If you listen to music, what’s your favorite draw-time tunes?
Usually I’m listening to music, and it depends on my mood as to what gets played. I have a couple of playlists that right now consist of some Trampled by Turtles, Jem, Alison Krauss, Nicki Minaj, Alanis Morisette, The Shins, and lots of Soulive.
 Can we see some pages from your sketchbook?

peace hand 800 - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Peace Fingers

flower child sketch+%25282%2529 - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Flower Child
bike - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Road Warrior

bumper bus - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be
Travel Happy Bus
 Are you currently working on a new Soul Flower design? Can you tell us about it, or is that top secret?
Right now all of our designing is on hold while we crank out our Fall/Winter catalog! But I’ve got some ideas and am excited to get back into it. Maybe we’ll have to do a sneak peek!

 It’s beyond awesome to learn all that goes into designing the Soul Flower Originals we love so much! Thank you for sharing your artistic process with us, Leiah! You Rock! 🙂  

☮ ☮ ☮ 🙂
Pixologist, Leiah Interviewed by Daydreamer, Jacqueline Lee

ajax loader - How Soul Flower's Designs Come to Be

Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

Did you know we recycle all #1-7 plastics here at Soul Flower? Well we’re proud to announce, we do!  Sometimes recycling can be trickier than anticipated, but our buds, Chad and Joe, set us up with some nice big barrels to help keep our recyclables organized.  We really do try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible!

Many of us even bring our plastic recyclables from home, since curbside recycling only recycles #1 and #2 plastics. Each Soul Flower employee just needs to be sure that they clean out their plastic containers, because having food left in them only attracts bugs, and automatically demotes them to garbage. So, since it’s more than just warehouse accumulation going into our bins, the #1-7 plastic recycling system has saved a lot more plastic than one would suspect.  Just last week, the guys took three jam- packed 55 gallon bags of plastic to the East Side Coop after work. *High Five, Buds!*

DSC 0086 - Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

 In the U.S. people throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles an HOUR! And plastic takes an awfully long time to decompose; a hundred years or more depending on the plastic. Even though numbers like that can be intimidating, we here at Soul Flower truly believe that every little thing adds up to a bigger, brighter picture – which is why we have our awesome, big ass recycling bins! We’re glad to be doing what we can to cut back on landfill waste!

growingplant - Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

Gotta save room for the Soul Flowers of this Earth! 

Besides recycling, do any of you do anything creative to upcycle plastic? Any fun project ideas for all our buds out there? ☮

By your bud, Jacqueline Lee

ajax loader - Proud of our Big Ass Recycling Bins

Original Designs by Soul Flower

original hippie funky organic cotton tee designs

Did you know that the majority of t-shirts at Soul-Flower are created in-house by us? When you see one of our new tee designs for sale online, you know it’s super fresh… a great pick if you’re looking for something totally unique to set you apart from the crowd!

Soul Flower Originals are our exclusive designs that feature original artwork, created to reflect positive messages of peace, mother nature, music, and a laid back, stress free lifestyle. We choose organic cotton and other natural fibers, or recycled fibers whenever we can, and print in small batches right here in the USA.

Our clothing concept comes from the idea of getting back what you give – simply put, karma. We love both you (our customer!) AND our Mother Earth – so we work hard to please you both by creating unique, quality products and focusing on sustainable fabrics and earth friendly practices.

Shop all Soul Flower exclusive & original designs

ajax loader - Original Designs by Soul Flower

On the Road – spring/summer 2011

soulflower issuu - On the Road - spring/summer 2011

Paper catalogs will be arriving to mailboxes this weekend & next week. But if you simply can’t wait, or opted out of a paper catalog (save a tree!), you can check out the digital version of our catalog. It’s totally interactive: click on products to take you directly to, where you can find specs on sizes, alternate photos, and additional information for each item.

Did you know?

  • We print our catalogs on recycled paper with soy ink or renewable vegetable oil ink.
  • Soul Flower works with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant two trees for every one that is used in our catalog production. We helped with an amazing project to plant 125,000 total longleaf pine trees in the Manchester State Forest in South Carolina. Read all about it here.
  • If you’d like to opt-out of receiving a paper catalog, give us a call at 866-204-8074 and we can remove you from the paper mailing list. When you’re done with your catalog, recycle it or pass it on!

ajax loader - On the Road - spring/summer 2011

Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy

With so many new kids’ items arriving at Soul Flower, we recently put together a few kid-friendly photo shoots. The first one was Dakota at the Botanical Center. One of our biggest challenges in these shoots (besides getting a kid to pose for a photo) has been finding a good locale for pictures. For this one, I packed up my son Dakota, a few changes of Soul Flower clothes, some extra help (thanks Meredith!) and a couple props and headed out to the Botanical Center, our local (Des Moines) botanical garden dome & greenhouse.

botanical+center - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy

What an awesome spot for greenery (even in January!), sunshine and warmth. No joke, leave your coat at the door – I was sweating by the time we finished the shoot. Here are a few of the shots we took at our first kids shoot. Thanks Dakota for playing along…

IMG 0348 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0345 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0363 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy
IMG 0368 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0372 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0379 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy

Dakota is wearing the hug me organic tee, the banjo tie-dye tee, the kids’ patchwork pants, the love your mama organic tee, the party like a folk star tee & the day at the beach pants.

IMG 0413 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0415 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0403 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy
IMG 0432 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0430 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy IMG 0468 - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy

ajax loader - Little Buds Photoshoot #1 by Peggy

Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

Last week was quiet at the Soul Flower warehouse up in snowy Saint Paul, Minnesota. But for a few of the Soul Flower buds, February 14-16 was not-so-quiet and quite the opposite of snowy!

las vegas lights - Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

On Valentine’s Day, Soul Flower owners Mike & Peggy, along with buds Jenn & Leiah all headed west to the middle of the desert: Las Vegas, for the biggest fashion tradeshow in the world, MAGIC. MAGIC is a show where hundreds of vendors from all over the country gather to show off their goods and meet with retailers who want to buy their products. Soul Flower is a retailer AND a wholesaler, but at MAGIC Soul Flower was there to buy!

mike jenn monorail - Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

When we arrived in Vegas, we hit the ground running and headed straight to MAGIC from the airport. The rest of the day was spent in the convention center, walking around the show checking out vendors’ booths that would catch our eye, and searching for cool new products to carry at It’s a lot like shopping, except you’re not shopping for yourself (you’re shopping for ALL Soul Flower customers), and you can’t take anything home (we just placed orders and won’t be seeing the items again until they’re shipped to us). Sounds easy, but it is hard work!

4151379732 b1dca5f4d5 - Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

At Soul Flower, it’s our mission to seek out and buy from vendors who are environmentally and socially conscious. That means we look for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics (organic cotton, recycled poly, bamboo, hemp, etc) made by workers who are treated fairly and make a livable wage. We also look for companies who work at improving quality of life for workers, for products that are made in the USA, and items made by independent designers & jewelers. Of course it’s not always possible to achieve all these goals in every product we find, but we know our priorities and what’s important to us as a company. Even at MAGIC, there were booths with items we fell in love with at first sight, but when the vendors couldn’t give us a straight and confident answer about the conditions at their manufacturing plants or the source of their materials, we had to walk away.
lvcc - Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

The best thing about MAGIC is discovering awesome new products. A lot of the vendors we buy from are artists: they draw their own designs and screenprint it all themselves, or they design and hand-make their entire line of jewelry. It’s inspiring to see what everyone has come up with, and we love supporting small companies and independent artists so they can continue to follow their bliss. 🙂

California Car Cover 02.19.09

We bought some exciting new items from our tried-and-true vendors, and found some new up-and-coming companies to work with, too – and we’re looking forward to introducing some fresh styles to in the coming months.

Our trip to Vegas was short, but jam-packed with meeting & greeting new people, handpicking out the best of the best to carry at Soul Flower, and of course a TON of walking and people-watching 🙂

For more photos of the show, check out The MAGIC Marketplace flickr and POOLTRADESHOW Photos.

ajax loader - Where Soul Flower gets its MAGIC

Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

freeing our minds - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

Talk about an empowering song! This song + a favorite quote = an awesome tee design.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.
~Bob Marley

This quote is powerful and profound, and it calls for a simple yet bold design. Our Soul Flower Block Print tees have been a hit, so we decided to channel the same hand-made vibes for Free Your Mind.

It started with a blank piece of sketchbook paper and a pencil. A little freehand lettering and cutout action with an X-Acto blade, and we’ve got a super simple (but not so sturdy) stencil!

free stencil - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

The floppiness of the stencil didn’t matter in this case since we only needed to spray through it a couple of times. Orange was the only color spray paint we had on hand, so FREE YOUR MIND started out about as orange as an oompa-loompa! 🙂

free your mind spray - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

The reason we chose to cut a stencil and actually spray paint the design on to a piece of paper is so we could achieve that cool over-spray look that occurs naturally with stenciling.

After the paper dried, it was scanned in to the computer and adjusted to be completely black and white.

spraypaint black white - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

The design was then sent off to the screenprinters, who completed the final step in our journey from drawing-to-stencil-to-digital-to-screen-to-shirt. Whew! It’s definitely quite the process, but the results are awesome. We achieved that cool graffiti/spray paint look, with an empowering message. And it’s available for men & women!

free smiles - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

Thanks to our buds Leiah & Joe for freeing their minds during our photoshoot 🙂

ajax loader - Free Your Mind T-Shirt: Design Process

Sugar & Spice: little buds photoshoot

6 thumbnails sisters - Sugar & Spice: little buds photoshoot

Sugar and spice and everything nice… that’s what little girls are made of. And these cuties are the sweetest ones around! Here are a few shots from a photoshoot featuring sweet Janey, Lila, Lucy & Ruby, taken the last weekend of Summer 2010. These beautiful sisters played and hooped away the afternoon in their Soul Flower sundresses – good times, thanks to the summer sunshine!

Items featured are the Floral Toddler Sundress and the Fairy Mudmee Top. The Fairy top is actually made for women, but it works as a cute dress for a young girl, too!

ajax loader - Sugar & Spice: little buds photoshoot

New features for you!

rollout - New features for you!
We just rolled out a few changes on Besides a cool new green color palette, we’ve made it easier for you to get involved!

  • Free Wallpapers: hi-resolution digital wallpapers for your desktop background.
  • Goodies: Do you have a blog? Want to show off your Soul Flower love to your readers? Snag a button and link to us! (There could be something in it for you too… if you think you might bring in a lot of traffic, request to join our affiliate program to earn 10% on purchases made by new customers that you referred!)
  • Login to your account: Create an account to save & update your info for easy checkout. Did you know you can create & send a wishlist on Wishlists are perfect for letting potential gift-givers know exactly what you want from the shop without making them guess your size!
  • Themed collages: along with the new Shop Outfits section, we wanted a way to show you at first glance the newest and coolest of threads. Updated regularly!So what do you think? Good changes? As you know, we love hearing feedback from our customers. So if you’ve got questions, comments, or concerns, let us know!

ajax loader - New features for you!

Photoshoot with our bud Seanna

6 thumbnails seanna - Photoshoot with our bud Seanna

It’s not every day that you ask someone to volunteer for something and they actually turn out to be amazing at it! Take our bud Seanna here, for example…

When looking for someone to help show off some of our brand new items here at Soul Flower, our bud Pete at the warehouse generously volunteered his girlfriend, Seanna. She was more than happy to help, and we gotta say– girl, you were workin’ it! 🙂

Seanna is wearing: Shoreline Hemp Hoody, Bolivian Tassle Hat and matching Fingerless Short Gloves, Add Some Flare Hoody, Bus to Dust Organic Cotton Hoody Tee, Peaceful Vibes Dress, Eco Arm/Leg Warmers, and the Ski Girl Patch Skirt.

ajax loader - Photoshoot with our bud Seanna

Meet Our Catalog Cover Girls

both - Meet Our Catalog Cover Girls
We are excited to introduce to you the Soul Flower cover girls…hand drawn & styled by our bud Leiah, these girls got the soul flower spirit for fall & winter. These cover girls will be visiting you this week, right in your very own home – so watch your mailbox for your Soul Flower catalog 🙂 And in the meantime, check out all the cool threads our cover girls are wearing, most are available online right now…

And to kick off the arrival of our new catalog, we’re running a giveaway from now until Wednesday, October 20th when we’ll pick one random winner to win a $30 gift certificate for!

gift certificate 30 - Meet Our Catalog Cover Girls

Here’s how to enter:
1. Jump on over to Twitter.
We’re only counting entries tweeted to us! 🙂

2. Tweet this + your favorite item from the new catalog (a description or a link):
Got my @soulflowerbuds catalog! my fav item:

Here’s an example tweet: Got my @soulflowerbuds catalog! my fav item: In the Treme Cargo Pants! so funky!
or this:
Got my @soulflowerbuds catalog! my fav item: Add Some Flare Hoody Dress

3. And that’s it! As long as you include the @soulflowerbuds mention, we’ll see your tweet and you’ll be automatically entered in to our drawing to win. We’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday, October 20 and notify you via twitter.

Happy tweeting!

ajax loader - Meet Our Catalog Cover Girls

Photoshoot with our bud Chad

6 thumbnails - Photoshoot with our bud Chad

What’s that you say? You need me to model some of the Soul Flower guys’ threads? Sure thing, just let me finish up a few web updates, answer a couple more customer service calls, and finish assembling another shelf for the warehouse. I got it covered!

Our bud Chad does it all here at Soul Flower, including modeling. And we must admit, he’s pretty damn good at it. 🙂

All these men’s threads available at

ajax loader - Photoshoot with our bud Chad

Meet Our Soul Mates: TS Designs

meetoursoulmates2 - Meet Our Soul Mates: TS Designs
Our Soul Mate: TS Designs

tsdesigns logo - Meet Our Soul Mates: TS Designs
T-Shirts are such a big part of our wardrobe at Soul Flower. To make it to our shelves, our tees all go thru a cool printing process that gives them their Soul-Flower-Power. TS Designs is one of the printers who helps us out – they print our Love Your Mama, Treehugger & Wind Energy tees, to name a few. We have been working with TSDesigns and are excited to tell you about why. Or course, they deliver a sweet product. But it goes beyond just a cool tee, they are pioneers in sustainability steps in both their manufacturing & daily business practices. Really, these guys do it all.

They use water based printing (to avoid putting plastisols on your tees) and their own unique water based dyeing process called REHANCE. Their printing processes are much safer for the environment and human health since they don’t use PVC, phthalates, and no environmentally hazardous residues. The prints last longer and look better. And you won’t believe how great it all feels. We especially love using TS Designs for printing our infant & toddler tees – all organic cotton & all ecofriendly inks & all natural printing processes are so perfect for the babes.

That’s not all. (I know, it goes on!) – they are eco in almost every aspect of their business. They produce their own organic cotton T-shirts in North Carolina – promoting local manufacturing, social responsibility and local economies as well organic textiles. They use solar power at their factory. They have their own on grounds vegetable gardens, and a biodiesel coop as well. We love to see companies walking the talk. And making some super cool tees for us in the process. Learn more about TS Designs here.

Get 30% off any of our kids treehuggers, Love your Mama womens or kids or our blowing in the wind tees, all printed on organic cotton using water based, eco friendly inks. Use the coupon code SOULMATE2 at checkout to get your discount (good til 9/16).


ajax loader - Meet Our Soul Mates: TS Designs

Meet Our Soul Mates: Soul Flower Wholesale

meetoursoulmates2 - Meet Our Soul Mates: Soul Flower Wholesale
How do we put the SOUL in Soul Flower? When we first created Soul Flower, our name seemed the perfect combination of spirit and beauty. But did you know Soul Flower has a deeper meaning? Sure, the flower is easily defined – you can see it in the beautiful & lovely items we choose. But we want to spend some time telling you also about the Soul.

The soul of our goods is really important to us – we work hard to make sure that our products are being made in a fair way. We seek quality, raw materials that are in tune with mother earth. We ask hard questions of our partners & strive to find not just the most beautiful things but also the most thoughtful & ethically made items we can. We find small, local manufacturers to work with. Then we develop strong relationships with the people making our products – striving to not only make sure they are treated fairly but also to improve their livelihood and communities.

But to make this happen, we have awesome folks we work with – other artisans and designers who have followed a similar path in manufacturing their creations – and so for that reason, we want you to MEET OUR SOUL MATES. For each of these posts, we will introduce you to an artist, manufacturer or designer from Soul Flower & learn about their soulful practices. You will love their inspiring stories. Plus, we will feature a week-long sale on a few of their select creations on our site. So, meet…

Our First Soul Mate: Soul Flower (yeah, that’s us…)

These are our own exclusive and unique creations. Most of these designs are t-shirts from our CircleTees line, which are designed right here, in (ware)house at Soul Flower by your buds Peggy & Leiah. We combine unique artwork with purposeful messages. Who wouldn’t want to encourage others to let their soul shine? Or fly an eco-freako flag? Or to come on get happy?

Save 30% on any of these four shirts with coupon code SOULMATE1
(good until 9/9)

By spreading a message of peace & positivity in our daily lives we hope to keep kindness always at the center of our thoughts and actions. And to really complete this message we choose organic cotton and other natural fibers whenever we can. Plus we print our tees in small batches right here in the USA.

Probably one of our most soulful choices in our creations is our use of organic cotton… a simple choice that can make a world of difference. Why?

Conventional cotton farming is one of the most damaging types of farming towards the environment. Producing cotton uses 25% of all insecticides in the world and 10% of all pesticides. It is second (corn is first) in the amount of chemicals used to produce it. It you buy just one t-shirt made from organic cotton, you are saving 1/3 a pound of synthetic fertilizers & pesticides from entering the environment. These chemicals damage soil so badly it can’t produce, harm animals in the vicinity, and ultimately contribute to global warming.

Natural and organic fiber clothing are processed with as few chemicals and harmful impact on the environment as possible. By purchasing natural and organic fiber clothing you support environmental causes & help to nourishes the earth and the lives of all people involved in the process of growing, manufacturing and distributing the clothing. Growing cotton organically takes skill. It takes time & patience. And, yes, it is more expensive. But worth it!

Soul Flower works hard to keep positive vibes going – and our tees are just one way we do that. We hope you enjoy wearing them. Peace.

Additional information about organic cotton:
Detoxify: tips to become more organic in your life
– Compare It: Differences between conventional & organic cotton
Just the Facts, Jack: what is organic cotton

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DIY Soul Flower Threads

Check this Out! Our Bud Leiah has been doing some great side projects using old Soul Flower scraps to create great, new styles. She got the Soul Flower Positively Hemp Cargos for her beau & ended up creating a sweet belt from the hemming scraps. Then she took an old, no good tapestry (or so we thought) to create a sweet new wrap skirt. Check out the results below and read all about these & other cool sewing projects in her blog Ruby Bows.
belt3 - DIY Soul Flower Threads
aftertap - DIY Soul Flower Threads

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Winner! $30 Gift Certificate

Hey buds! Thank you all for your entries (there were a lot!) – we love reading all your stories about flowers and the variety of flowers you like!

We have a winner, and it is Maggie, whose soul flower is the lilac:
winner maggie lilac - Winner! $30 Gift CertificateMaggie, please contact us at so we can send your your $30 gift certificate! Happy shopping!

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Giveaway drawing: What’s your soul flower?

sunflower photon phisher flickr - Giveaway drawing: What's your soul flower?photo by Photon Phisher

Hey buds! We’ve had contests on our Facebook page before, but this is more like a giveaway drawing… The prize? A $30 gift certificate to!
gift certificate 30 - Giveaway drawing: What's your soul flower?To enter, leave a comment on this blog post with your answer to the following question:

What is your soul flower? That one flower that speaks to your soul and warms your heart… the one that catches your eye every spring and brings the biggest smile to your face…

Share with us your favorite flower, and why you feel like it is your soul flower.

On Friday, June 18 at noon central time, we’ll pick a random winner. You can use your gift certificate to purchase anything you want from, and we’ll even throw in free shipping on your order.

Be sure to leave your name and email/contact info so we can get in touch with you if you win. Good luck!

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Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!

In our previous post, you got to meet the Dew Krewe: Chad, Jenn, and Joe! In this post, you’ll get to meet everyone else involved with the Soul Flower company.

glue krewe - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!
10am – 6pm
The Glue Krewe is so named because these are the people that hold everything together day in and day out. Daily, the Glue Krewe picks and packs all of your orders! We also keep the warehouse running efficiently by keeping it clean, tidy, and by keeping all the products organized and stocked on the shelves.

We love it when we can keep our members of the Glue Krewe for a long period of time, but we understand that everyone is growing and changing. So the team members of this krewe come and go, but we will always remember everyone who worked here! Currently, we have 2 full-time members of the Glue Krewe, and 1 part-time member.

Let’s meet ’em!

leiah - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!Leiah
My name is Leiah and I grew up in southwestern Minnesota, but now live in Minneapolis with my best friend and boyfriend of 4 years, Rob. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art, and now am working at the U of M as a graphic designer and also working part-time at Soul Flower! I enjoy printmaking, bookmaking, drawing, photography, graphic design, sewing, collage, and collecting. Besides art, I also enjoy pizza, blank journals in book stores, hot tea, shopping, reading, and warm winter mittens.
Your Favorite take-out food: Artichoke Dip from Pizza Luce!
Your Favorite flower: Poppies
Your Favorite shoes: (besides my mukluks from Soul Flower), my Minnetonka moccasins
britt fb - Part 4 of 4: Meet the Glue Krewe!Britt
Hello all, I am Brittany, currently the shortest employee here at Soul Flower. At work I take care of all your orders, picking and packing each one, and most likely shipping them out with an original sketch by me. Each night when I leave work I love to go home and make a big Italian dinner, and then eat it of course. I usually burn all those calories by taking walks to shops, hiking, and biking around the lakes here in Minneapolis. I am an avid fisherman, “just like making them late” as Mitch would say. I enjoy taking my pet turtle out in the summer, he likes it too! I love live music and dancing, road tripping is my favorite, but I enjoy watching local artist as well. I love westerns, Tombstone, Unforgiven, Young Guns…you know. That’s it for now.
Favorite Flower: The Tulip, Pretty. Simple.
Favorite Vacation: Road Trips!!! Tie between Miami with my sister, or unknown small town with mom and dad to oldest outdoor movie theater.
Favorite Soul Flower Find: SOL034 Music is Life Eco Hoody.
P.S. I love getting all of the nice notes from our customers in the “gift message” area. Keep them coming!

And that concludes our 4-part Meet the Soul Flower Krewe series! We hope you enjoyed getting to know us and our workplace a little bit better. Soul Flower is a small company devoted to giving you, the customer, the very best!

Peace & Love ♥ Team Soul Flower

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