Soul Flower’s Manifesto

Recently, all us buds here at Soul Flower got together, ate some insanely good pizza and talked about the things that make Soul Flower everything that it is to us. We did a bit of serious reflection, and also had quite a lot of laughs, and what came out of it was a list of almost 150 things that Soul Flower represents to us. Which is a lot! So we took that list and began to narrow it down to a few things that are truly at the heart of Soul Flower, and what came out of it was a poem we now embrace as our very own MANIFESTO! (more…)

Soul Flower Photo Shoot at Architectural Antiques

This year for our spring/summer catalog we were lucky enough to spend our day shooting photos at the enthralling, easy to get “lost” in, Architectural Antiques in NE Minneapolis. Surrounded by streams of colorful light from the various stained glass windows, and an uncountable amount of antique lighting overhead, we wove our way through the aisles taking numerous photos of our upcoming spring line, which is just as enthralling as the antiques surrounding us! (more…)

Soul Flower: Work or Play?

The other day, Soul Flower had a little get-together involving good food and fun conversation, where we also had the opportunity to check out the upcoming designs for spring,(SUPER exciting stuff, my friends! With lots to look forward to!).


Volunteer Day: Habitat For Humanity

How to Use Soul Flower’s New Eco Icons

Hey hey buds,

Recently we created a set of eco icons to help define the products on our site. The fun thing about eco icons is that they are pretty cute. But the beneficial side of eco icons is that they can help you find out about a product nice and quick. 

Here are the eco icons you will find throughout our site
Product questions such as: Is this item organic? Was it made in the USA? What is hemp, and how is it eco-friendly?…All such questions can be answered by a products particular set of eco icons.
Soul Flower’s new eco icons can be found within the product description right below the price. Some products might have only 2 icons, others may have 5 – it all just depends on the product.

For instance, the Celestial Skater Dress has the eco icons of: organic cotton, made in the USA, low-impact dyes and Soul Flower Original. 

Here is a zoom in of those particular icons.

When you wand over an eco icon, the title of that icon will appear. Here we rolled over the star icon, and the title ‘Soul Flower Original’ popped up.

What’s a Soul Flower Original? Well, we’re so glad you asked! 🙂

SFO Eco Icon

To find out what any product’s eco icon means, simply click the icon and a fuller description will appear in a pop-up box. Poof!

Also, if you would prefer a short, one sentence summary of all our eco icons, simply click on “view our eco guide,” (located at the end of any eco icon description, or at the bottom of our web page).

So that’s that. 🙂 We hope our new eco icons make your shopping experience better, and make it easier to select products that match your lifestyle. 

If you have any questions, or need further help navigating our website, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

 aka ‘handmade eco icon’ 😉

Your buds at Soul Flower

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