Soul Flower Hittin’ the Road

Whew! Tradeshow season is officially over and we can say with complete certainty, that it was quite the success! From familiar St. Paul, to snowy Chicago, to sunny Vegas, to stunning Denver, we had tons of fun meeting our buds across the U.S. and showing off our new Spring/Summer Collection! Get the scoop on our travels here.


Soul Flower’s Manifesto

Recently, all us buds here at Soul Flower got together, ate some insanely good pizza and talked about the things that make Soul Flower everything that it is to us. We did a bit of serious reflection, and also had quite a lot of laughs, and what came out of it was a list of almost 150 things that Soul Flower represents to us. Which is a lot! So we took that list and began to narrow it down to a few things that are truly at the heart of Soul Flower, and what came out of it was a poem we now embrace as our very own MANIFESTO! (more…)

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