DIY Festi Hula Hoop

Whether you’re at a music festival, backyard BBQ, or just hanging out with friends at a park, hooping is a great way to express your creativity and let yourself be free. Read on to learn how to make your own hoop using items commonly found at crafting and hardware stores!

How to Draw a Personalized Mandala

The objects we keep in our homes say a lot about us. Decorations, keepsakes, trinkets, mementos, clothing, jewelry, and things we adorn ourselves with are all in our lives because we’ve chosen them. They’re special to us. Objects help tell stories and inspire us. In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a personalized mandala, using inspiration taken from those trinkets around your home.


2016 Earth Day Clean Up

We get pretty excited about Earth Day around here. We’ve made it a tradition to take time on each Earth Day to reflect about what we can do to continue to minimize our environmental impact and to take some time to leave the environment around us better than we found it. (more…)

All About Malas

It’s easy to see why mala beads are gaining in popularity. They’re beautiful-looking, meaningful, and act as meditation or prayer tool. Thinking about getting one of your own? Read on to learn the how-to’s of both picking out mala beads and using them!  (more…)

An Interview with EcoEnclose

If you’ve ordered anything from Soul Flower since Fall of 2013, chances are it was packed in eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose! Since we’re an online-only business, we use a lot more shipping materials than businesses who have “brick and mortar” stores. That’s why finding packaging that aligned with our values was so important!


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