IMG 5234 740x570 - DIY Jewelry Storage - The Natural Way!

DIY Jewelry Storage – The Natural Way!

Are you looking for a creative and natural way to store your bohemian jewelry? Then try this DIY Jewelry Storage idea from Rachel (our Soul Flower Graphic Artist). Rachel made these unique driftwood jewelry storage pieces for organizing her funky necklaces, bracelets and other Soul Flower boho jewelry. Read on for details on how to make your very own Driftwood Jewelry Storage Rack.


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logo 640x268 - Soul Flower's New Logo!

Soul Flower’s New Logo!

Introducing our new Soul Flower logo! Sometimes companies will hire out when refreshing their branding. We kept it in-house. As you know, our Soul Flower original designs are hand made by our in-house designers. And they’re screen printed by hand in our print shop right here in our warehouse in Minnesota. What you might NOT know is we also have a small team of creatives who do all of our photography, online graphics, and branding. We have all the creative brainpower we need right here at Soul Flower! Our logo was a group effort, inspired by our past but with an eye toward our future.


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make a hula hoop diy hula hoop 6 640x430 - How to Make a Hula Hoop - DIY Hula Hoop

How to Make a Hula Hoop – DIY Hula Hoop

Whether you’re at a music festival, backyard BBQ, or just hanging out with friends at a park, hooping is a great way to express your creativity and let yourself be free. And get some amazing exercise! There are lots of ways to personalize a hula hoop just for you, and we recently learned how to make a hula hoop and wanted to share the steps. So read on to learn how to make a hula hoop using items commonly found at crafting and hardware stores!

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how to wear a wide headband preview 640x430 - How to Wear a Wide Headband

How to Wear a Wide Headband

It’s no secret that Soul Flower’s Organic Cotton Boho Headbands are insanely popular. Get our quick and dirty style guide here and learn how to mix up an old favorite! Take a peak at How to Wear a Wide Headband (using photos of Soul Flower’s Boho Headbands!) (more…)

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mandala 3 640x430 - Draw a Personal Mandala - Drawing a Mandala

Draw a Personal Mandala – Drawing a Mandala

The objects we keep in our homes say a lot about us. Decorations, keepsakes, trinkets, mementos, clothing, jewelry, and things we adorn ourselves with are all in our lives because we’ve chosen them. They’re special to us. Objects help tell stories and inspire us. In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a personal mandala, using inspiration taken from those trinkets around your home.


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EarthDay 014 640x430 - 2016 Earth Day Clean Up

2016 Earth Day Clean Up

We get pretty excited about Earth Day around here. We’ve made it a tradition to take time on each Earth Day to reflect about what we can do to continue to minimize our environmental impact and to take some time to leave the environment around us better than we found it. (more…)

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customer spotlight 640x430 - An Interview with EcoEnclose

An Interview with EcoEnclose

If you’ve ordered anything from Soul Flower since Fall of 2013, chances are it was packed in eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose! Since we’re an online-only business, we use a lot more shipping materials than businesses who have “brick and mortar” stores. That’s why finding packaging that aligned with our values was so important!


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unretouched soul flower models e1423258603800 640x430 - We Support Truth in Fashion

We Support Truth in Fashion

A lot of buzz has been happening lately around issues of body positivity and being true to who you are. One of our mottos at Soul Flower is to Be Yourself. So with all this positive change in the air, we wanted to share our perspective. (more…)

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go green sign up for e mail 640x430 - Go Green: Sign up & Save the Trees

Go Green: Sign up & Save the Trees

Hey Buds!
Join us in an eco-goodness adventure and help us to go paperless this season. We are giving all those mail carriers (and trees) a break and would love to send your catalog directly to your email instead (hugs to trees everywhere!). To celebrate this change, we have created a brand new series of online Lookbooks we can’t wait to share. We just need your email to be sure youstay in the loop about all things Soul Flower. So if you aren’t on our list yet, join now & don’t miss out! 


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forest man vid e1423866082442 640x430 - Must Watch: Forest Man

Must Watch: Forest Man

Absolutely in awe and adoration over this short, award-winning documentary about one man’s effort to save Majuli Island by single-handedly planting a forest that is now larger than Central Park. His goal is to prevent further erosion of his island, that is otherwise expected to disappear in 15-20 years, and to protect the beautiful wildlife within the area.


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forest crown diy blog e1424122078763 640x430 - How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY!)

How to Make a Twig Crown (DIY!)

Did you notice the gorgeous, goddess-like twig crown on Soul Flower’s website? It’s almost impossible not to want to make one yourself, right? Luckily it’s super simple to make a crown of twigs. In this blog we show you how to make a twig crown fit only for a forest goddess. (And please, add in flowers or other earth elements that speak to your forest goddess soul!)


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small biz week - National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week

This week is National Small Business Week, and we just wanted to send out a huge THANKS and all the good vibes in the world to those of you who have supported small business throughout the year. You’ve truly helped make our communities brighter, stronger and a whole lotta better! ❤ (more…)

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earth day post 640x430 - Earth Day Tips & Helpful Articles

Earth Day Tips & Helpful Articles

The best thing we can do for Earth Day is to become conscious of our Earth every day. Sometimes it can take small lifestyle changes such as switching to cloth napkins or making homemade, eco-friendly cleaners to really lighten our daily affect on mamma earth. If you’ve been debating making a lifestyle change to benefit both you and the earth, here are some little tips for creating positive change, along with some worthwhile articles to check out for more info!


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