DIY Hippie Halloween Outfit Ideas

Some years, Halloween sneaks up like a misbehavin’ trick-or-treater and leaves you scrambling for a costume. Never fear! Dig through your own closet of funky threads and pull together a DIY hippie Halloween outfit. What’s the difference between one of these outfits and a regular day? Nothing except your state of mind! Dressing like a hippie is cool every day. So think of these less like costumes and more like themed outfits 🙂

Hippy Halloween!


DIY Tie-Dye Party at Soul Flower

We have had a few customers ask us whether Soul Flower’s white organic cotton t-shirts and white organic cotton blended fabrics can be dyed. It seems like they could be, so just for fun, we decided to put it to the test – a perfect excuse for a DIY Tie-Dye Party! Our crew gathered for a Happy Hour/Tie Dye Party right in Soul Flower’s parking lot. Most of us hadn’t tie-dyed anything before, but that didn’t stop us from experimenting and trying something new! Here is a look at what can happen when you combine a creative bunch of folks with happy hour, some white clothing, and colorful, funky dyes…

15 Eco Friendly Gifts for Tree Lovers

Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted gifts for tree lovers? Here at Soul Flower, we create funky organic items and eco-friendly clothing with Mother Earth in mind. We use sustainable and organic materials always. And we cater to tree-hugging earth lovers … so if you are searching the internet for a crunchy, organic baby gift for a that new natural mama… or looking to find a nature lover’s t-shirt for that relative who would just rather be camping.. whatever the treehugger gift you are looking for, we’ve got you covered! We will help you find perfect eco-friendly gifts for tree lovers in your life. Take a look at our top picks at….


Top 6 Picks For Your Boho Soul

Our latest photoshoot at the Soul Flower Studios was with our bud Jean. Her adventurous boho looks first caught our attention on Instagram (@jeanqueenn). When we met her, we understood why –  she is a true free-spirited boho soul who was destined to wear Soul Flower! Here are her top 6 Soul Flower picks (and our favorite photos from the shoot).


#soulflowerbuds Your Photos!

Hey Buds, Our customers are a huge part of who we are – we love how you spread the Soul Flower vibe wherever you go, including online. Keep sharing your photos on social media – we would love to feature you in our blog in the future! Tag your photos with #soulflowerbuds or tag us in the photo! Here are a few of your most recent photos!


5 Reasons to Shop Unique Eco Friendly Threads

One-of-a-Kind threads for the One-of-a-Kind you!

Hey Buds! In our shop, we carry a variety of eco-friendly, organic, and fair trade clothing items and accessories. And you’ll notice that some of these items are marked “Each One Unique”. This means that every individual product is different from the next. Cool, right?! Here are FIVE insane reasons why owning our unique threads are not only awesome but even more eco than you might think!!


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