Spring Habits

That tipping point between the final days of spring and the very cusp of summer is a magical time full of warmth and growth. Longer days, abundant sunshine, and more greenery with each day suggests that it’s also a time of positive change.  (more…)


Hey Buds! We had such a great time at our most recent photoshoot for our newest Spring 2017 pieces, we want to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse with you! Our latest looks will be releasing over the next 6 weeks, so check back on the site for all these organic, eco-friendly and Fair Trade imported pieces. We hope you love it!


Cloud Cult Tour Diary #4

Ryan, our screenprint magician, recently hit the road for a tour with the band Cloud Cult. Check out the first installments here and read on for more synergy between Soul Flower and Cloud Cult. This diary features an interview with Singer/Songwriter Craig Minowa.



Rock climbing takes serious endurance, but to start you just need to face the wall.

My sister and I have had climber’s blood in us since we were born. Our father climbed all the way up the summit of Boundary Peak in Nevada (that’s 13,143 ft.) with two blow up bananas to get a photograph for me, his Hannah Banana, when I was one. And while I inherited my father’s photography skills, my sister took to the mountains with his love of a challenging climb. Last week we headed over to Midwest Mountaineering‘s bouldering cave so Josie could climb, and I could sit safely on the ground with my camera.


How To Stay Young – No Matter How Old You Are!

May your heart always be joyful. And may your song always be sung. May you stay forever  young.  ~Bob Dylan 

What exactly does it mean to be “forever young”? When I was in my 20s, I thought it meant staying wrinkle-free and doing cartwheels until I was 100. When I was in my 30s, it meant I wouldn’t gain those extra pounds every time I merely looked at a slice of cake, and also remembering exactly where I parked my car. When I was in my 40s,


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