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5 ways to start fresh for back to school season - 5 Ways to Start Fresh for Back-to-School Season

5 Ways to Start Fresh for Back-to-School Season

It’s time for back-to-school! All the hype around kids going back to school, buying new school supplies, getting back into a routine, the wonders of learning… it’s a good time of year to rewrite your story. New school year = new you. Even if you’re not in school, you’re still a student of life! Let’s tap into these buzzing new-school-year vibes and channel them into our own real-world adult lives.

Here are 5 ways to start fresh:


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rachaels journal soul flower hippie boho dress 760x570 - Best T Shirt Dress for Summer

Best T Shirt Dress for Summer

It’s summertime, so break out the flips flops, straw beach bags, SPF and your favorite dresses! We think the best t shirt dress for summer is our organic t shirt dress with pockets. Here is a recent review from our bud Rachael of Rachael’s Journal. See what she has to say about one of the best t shirt dresses around and see how she styled it…


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mandala 3 640x430 - Draw a Personal Mandala - Drawing a Mandala

Draw a Personal Mandala – Drawing a Mandala

The objects we keep in our homes say a lot about us. Decorations, keepsakes, trinkets, mementos, clothing, jewelry, and things we adorn ourselves with are all in our lives because we’ve chosen them. They’re special to us. Objects help tell stories and inspire us. In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a personal mandala, using inspiration taken from those trinkets around your home.


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LeahHayley BTS 0063 640x430 - National Record Store Day - A Quiz

National Record Store Day – A Quiz

If  you’re a music junkie like us, chances are you love celebrating National Record Store Day (4/16/16). We gathered some favorite vinyls from folks around the office to compile this fun quiz to determine which records you should set your sights on for this holiday… (more…)

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prescription 2 640x430 - A Prescription for Meditation

A Prescription for Meditation

When I joined the Soul Flower Vibe Tribe last February, I had no idea what was in store for me. At first, I believed that yoga, peace, strength and everything that Soul Flower stands for would be a colorful addition to my active life (more…)

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milky way - We're Made of Stars

We’re Made of Stars

I have always been fascinated by the night sky. Stars twinkling against a backdrop of darkness, with the moon leading the way to a mysterious life all its own. Even with the magical offerings of the night, I rarely step outside to appreciate its beauty.


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hangout5 640x430 - Flying Solo

Flying Solo

Over the past several years, attending music festivals has lead me to notice just how much social media stifles our independence. We tend to forget about ourselves, the moment, and the significance of living within it. I believe it’s important to stay connected with people as much as possible, but I also think it’s beneficial to fall off the map every now and again. (more…)

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insta flower child name e1425656753752 640x430 - Hippie Name Generator - Your Flower Child Name

Hippie Name Generator – Your Flower Child Name

Reconnect with your true flower child self by using our Hippie Name Generator to create your own unique (Soul) Flower Child Name! Choose a 60’s style, flower child name for yourself by following steps 1,2,3 below. Try it, man, then get out there and spread some peace, love and hippie-ness! (more…)

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moon a 640x430 - The Invitation - A Poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

The Invitation – A Poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

 It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.


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awaken mini dress review blog 640x430 - Soul Flower in Mexico

Soul Flower in Mexico

Mexico, could I be more in love? You’ve given me an opportunity to escape the not-so-warm Minnesota weather, and instead enjoy constant sunshine and 85 degree days, with a delicious drink in hand, and my best friend at my side.


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Aphrodite’s Abalone Ring

venus - Aphrodite's Abalone Ring
sfringhd - Aphrodite's Abalone Ring

Oh, I just adore this Aphrodite Abalone Ring and its old world feel! In fact, upon opening my little prized box I immediately imagined the ring having been worn by a Greek sea goddess. Now, many moons later it’s been washed to shore still possessing great mystical powers… for which I haven’t discovered yet. 🙂 hehe  I love the ocean and travel there when possible, which isn’t often enough. Seeing this ring on the Soul-flower website reminded me of the many walks I’ve had along the beach. The wrap design of the pewter coils around my finger, representing waves as they fold into one another. They crash to the beach then recede to reveal the treasured shells underneath.

sfringshells - Aphrodite's Abalone Ring

I don’t tend to wear much jewelry but, this ring is different! The creators, (although not sea goddesses), are a group of fair trade female artisans in rural Tecalpulco, Mexico. They, without a doubt have captured the tradition of fine Mexican jewelry beautifully in this piece, making it truly worthy of a great sea goddess. These empowered women make me feel a bit mystical and definitely inspired wearing their work! The fit is smooth and comfortable. I miss my Aphrodite abalone when it’s off, and realized quickly that the thick (somewhat heavy) appearance was quite deceiving because it hugs my finger and fits like a glove. I’d venture to say I might forget I’m wearing it if it weren’t for the fact this ring commands attention (with its striking physique) from everyone it meets! 
soulring2 - Aphrodite's Abalone Ring

Just be, Woo

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One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

It’s full summer here in the southern U.S., and that means that the long days are hot, sultry, and sticky.  Luckily, I’ve been spending my days whitewater raft guiding and staying cool in the water; but the long days in the sun steering thousands of pounds through technical sections of whitewater leave me sunburned and exhausted.  After a long day in “the office,” I am stoked to peel the wet clothes from my skin and slip on this super soft organic cotton Sun and Surf Eco Sundress and kick back with a cold sangria.

surf - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

I fell in love with this dress because of two reasons:  the super soft, cool, and comfy cotton for our southern summers, and I admire the beautiful waves decorating the dress.

Since I live this active, wet lifestyle, I am always searching for clothes that feel comfortable when it’s time to dry off; and Soul Flower’s signature soft, organic cotton fits the bill perfectly.  I need a dress that is not binding—that moves and stretches with me and that feels soft against my skin.  I am also searching for something that I can go eat sushi in as well as break out some yoga poses on the bank of a river.  This sundress has been perfect for all of that!

sunsur - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

I am a water person and I love being in the water all the time.  I got into whitewater paddling as a way to play in the water, and I stuck with it because the river is a fascinating medium. Becoming involved with rivers has changed my life, so that is what the waves on this dress mean to me—the waves represent the waves that I surf and play on everyday.  I love the clear, fresh flowing water in rivers where as I surf, I can look down and see the carved rocks of the river bed and feel the energy of the wave with my boat.  Also, the fact that this dress is made using organic cotton is important to me because organic cotton does not pollute our waterways.

sun+coll - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

This sundress is more than a dress too—it also works as a bathing suit cover up.  So, if you are planning to hit the river or the ocean, and you are looking for that soft cover up to drape over sunburned skin that you can then wear into an evening sipping cocktails, eating dinner by candlelight, and/or dancing under the moon until 3am, this sundress is the only one you’ll need to pack.  And since it only weighs a few ounces and folds up really small, no matter how you’re traveling, you can be “travelin’ light.”

Enjoy Summer!

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