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amanda home voyage 5 640x430 - Home Voyage

Home Voyage

It was a bittersweet goodbye at I drove away from the Colorado Mountains and traveled the twenty-two thousand miles back to the east coast. It was a long, tiring drive full of sleepless nights, deep-dish pizza, and endless caffeine consumption. But before we reached the flat roads of South Dakota we were lucky enough to spend a few nights at Yellowstone National Park…and let me tell you, Yellowstone was a whole new world. (more…)

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abbi hoop 1 640x430 - More Than Plastic Circles

More Than Plastic Circles

“Spiritual practice is not just sitting and meditating. Practice is looking, thinking, touching, drinking, eating, and talking. Every act, every breath, and every step can be practice and can help us to become more ourselves” – Thich Nhat Hanh  (more…)

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Vibe Tribe 6 640x430 - Fixin' Bikes

Fixin’ Bikes

Twisted handlebars, slipping gears, sticky brakes, and flat tires – the wonderful world of bikes is all too often fraught with setbacks. To make matters worse, who knows what kind of funny-looking tool actually fits in that groove and – wait a minute, isn’t that thing screwing in backward? (more…)

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Emily ice cream 1 640x430 - Beat the Heat in NYC

Beat the Heat in NYC

Hi guys! I hope everyone’s been having a great summer! It has been HOT here in New York City. This is my first summer on the east coast and I didn’t understand how hot and sweaty it gets. It’s no joke! (more…)

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Amanda tie dye harem 2 640x430 - Indoor Plumbing for the Gold!

Indoor Plumbing for the Gold!

Greetings Everyone! So last time you heard from me I had been living out of my car in Colorado. Ruby and I were doing great. We had a routine and a system down, and I was enjoying the nomadic lifestyle. The past few months have definitely taught me how to appreciate the little things and that life can change within a second, and that is exactly what happened to me. (more…)

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Alone time 2 640x430 - The Gift of Alone Time

The Gift of Alone Time

I simply love my alone time!

A few years ago I wrote a blog about how important alone time was to me. And that feeling just gets stronger every day. At this point in my life alone time is imperative and essential to my well being. And I bet many of you reading this right now know exactly what I mean. (more…)

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IMG 4622 640x430 - Firsts & Festivals

Firsts & Festivals

This is my first summer in the pacific northwest as an Oregonian and I have been incredibly stoked about it so far. 2016 has many firsts for me: first Oregon summer, first Oregon festival, and the first time I did yoga under a disco ball.  (more…)

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madison tie dye pants 2 640x430 - 7 Tips for Having a Stress-Free Wedding Day

7 Tips for Having a Stress-Free Wedding Day

My wedding day has come and gone. It’s absolutely incredible how quickly the day flies by. I married my best friend on June 25, 2016, and the day was absolutely perfect (for the most part). One of the reasons why I think brides get so stressed is because we want to control every little thing. (more…)

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IMG 9565 640x430 - Mantra & Malas

Mantra & Malas

We made it to Utah! I have to say I am loving it so much so far. It feels so grounding here with all of the red earth around us. I have done a lot of hiking lately with my family and we have seen some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  I also have started teaching at a new studio, which I love so much. I have found my new tribe.  (more…)

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emily 3 1 640x430 - Slow Mornings

Slow Mornings

Hello everyone! Last time I was here I was preparing for a move to New York City. Well, we’ve now been living here for a month and time has been flying (read more about it on my blog)! (more…)

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amanda 5 640x430 - Bilbo Baggins Style - Car Livin'

Bilbo Baggins Style – Car Livin’

It’s interesting to think about the historical timeline of opportunities. Past generations might not have even had the chance to go to college. Back then seeing a female doctor made people’s jaw drop and head spin. Many people did not know what they could be capable of; they lacked opportunity. (more…)

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Screen Shot 2016 05 07 at 12.55.39 PM - Life in Leaves

Life in Leaves

I recently traveled to my hometown in good ole Indiana. It was my second time flying out of the Portland International Airport. I mean, I haven’t been on the West Coast for too long, but it sure is starting to feel like a new ‘home’.


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madison 11 640x430 - Travel With Yoga

Travel With Yoga

Sometimes life happens in unexpected, unwanted, horrific, and mentally-exhausting ways. I know we think that we are well-equipped to handle life when things are going good. However, when things lately turned south for me, I had to draw from my other life experiences to remind myself that everything is going to be OKAY. (more…)

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photo 4 1 640x430 - New Beginning

New Beginning

The thrill of a new job is both electrifying and terrible. New people, whose faces bear no name, fast become familiar – friendships are born, but sometimes not. Those first days are alive with possibility and pitfalls, simple tasks can be tantalizingly difficult; it’s the professional equivalent of being a two-year-old. (more…)

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